The Biden Administration Gets Underway and Post-Inauguration Reflections


Each week we take you beyond the headlines and help you understand what it all means for israel and the jewish people. I'm second koga. And i'm on uber. Sheer passionate together. We write an american story of hope. Not fear of unity. Not division of light not darkness the story of decency and dignity love and healing greatness and goodness. May this be the story that guides us the story that inspires us and the story tells age is yet to come that we answered the call history. We met the moment democracy and hope truth and justice did not die in our watch. But thrive that america's secured liberty at home in stood once again as a beacon to the world that is what we are forebearers one another and generation to follow. That was president. Joe biden who was sworn in as america's forty-six president on wednesday in his inaugural address. The president called for unity and compromise. And truth telling now what with us to discuss. What we can expect from the by administration is jason isaacson. Abc's chief policy and political affairs officer. Jason welcomed people. Love the pod. Much good to be reagan. Now you've heard. A lot of inauguration speeches over the years what set this one apart. What stood out as the key message. Thank you. I was particularly struck by the repeated references to truth to the protection of truth To the value of truth obviously the memory of what had occurred two weeks before on that very spot and the threat to democracy the threat to rule of law. The adoption of conspiracy theory by armed insurrectionists also was a theme that ran through president biden speech but it was the idea of truth telling as being fundamental to governance frankly to life was striking and frankly so unusual doesn't typically hear that kind of a lesson in inaugural address but these are strange times and important times. The call for unity can sound quality and a little bit hollow. The country still has sharp divisions Sharp disagreements on policy rather hear a call for unity then a call division. I'd rather a call for you today than a call for you know it's us versus them And and we've got a lot of us versus them in recent years Before the trump administration by the way wasn't just an invention of donald trump but it hasn't served as well. There are huge problems facing our country historical inequities historic racism not to mention the pandemic not to mention extremism not to mention the threats that we face abroad rage of foreign policy challenges not only iran in other places as well. I was the issue of dealing with china. Going forward We'll be defining issue in the century. Russian ambitions the middle east and in europe. A wide range of challenges. That face this new administration and that always faces but recognizing that there are good ideas on both sides of the aisle recognizing there's goodwill Across the board And at relying on that goodwill To to to move forward with a in some unified fashion Is what will us to confront these challenges. You've written how deeply disturbing. It was too much damage done to democracy after the election but presto biden was pretty firm in his proclamations. That democracy prevailed did it. Have we overcome the threat that it faced. I wish i could say it has. It has certainly prevailed for now But it remains under threat. It remains under threat At the national level and the state and local levels as well because are still forces out there that have been wild up over the years with lies and conspiracy theories and that threatened the future of our country. I believe that The overwhelming majority of americans including those who supported donald trump Who supported his reelection A poor violence and recognize that the way to change government policy is at the voting booth that the polling place but but there are still hundreds of thousands if not millions who are prepared to take up arms and And fight for what they see. What they firmly believe is a vision of america. That is slipping away that has to be countered. It has to be countered the most forceful way possible in the media in the religious institutions obviously by government with laws. A people who foment insurrection and carry out insurrection need to be dealt with Through the law and and sanctions of various kinds Must be applied to those who incite insurrection.

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