The future of migrant caravans


More grand caravan is one of those phrases which feels intractable associated with the recently elapsed donald trump era a term which decade sense will like coffee or very stateful genius or four seasons total landscaping separate. Those who can recall this benighted epoch. From those born too late or those who not altogether unreasonably drank too much the migrant caravan. You may recall was one of the vast menagerie of bogeymen and hobgoblins which trump and his media cheerleaders deployed to profitably inflame. The voters and viewers the caravan was telling a marauding horde of insurgents bent on taking your jobs stealing your women perpetrating terrorism proselytizing communism or whatever paranoid fantasy. You were having yourself. The migrant caravan was reason to build that wall. Lock up your daughters stay tuned to fox. Welcome the tucker. Carlson vote republican and generally run around yelping to set by angry wasps. Shortly after having set fire to your own trousers another migrant caravan is on the move now it will be instructive and hopefully at least somewhat heartening to see how the administration of donald trump successor response before we get into that however it's probably proper to be clear about what we mean when we say migrant caravan as outlined above it has been repeatedly slammed up into something other than what it is by various people and organizations whose good faith cannot alas always be taken for granted. Thousands of central american migrants are vowing to continue their march to the us border even though president trump wants to turn them away the migrant caravans about which donald trump became agitated where a phenomenon which pete in late two thousand and eighteen. They were mass trudges of several thousand migrants setting out from central america and plotting doggedly towards the united states where they hope to find safety perchance prosperity. The constituents off the caravans were from honduras. Guatemala nicaragua el salvador and mexico. All countries offering the less fortunate citizens plentiful reasons for leaving political instability gangs crop failure crime drugs poverty etc. The caravan on the move right now is estimated at some eight thousand strong and appears to have originated in the honduran city of san pedro. Soula as off this broadcast. Its chances of reaching its goal. Mexico's border with the united states appears slender early this week. The caravan was intercepted as it crossed. Guatemala guatemalan military and police who detained hundreds of migrants and scattered others with teargas. Nearly a thousand people have already been sent back to honduras and guatemala's chief immigration official modena's has laid down a hardline declaring that you cannot and will not get through president joe. Biden's rhetorical response will be more humane and compassionate the president donald trump's low though that represents but the outcome might not be much different biden's domestic policy advisor. Susan rice has already pointedly given interviews to spanish language media emphasizing that nobody should assume that the us mexico border will be flung. Open on day one. The administration biden previously. Served that of president. Barrack obama deported more than three million people. This latest caravan is obviously not the first large scale migrant and refugee x. flow of times and it won't be the lost. It seems reasonable to assume indeed that any noteworthy disparity in covid nineteen vaccinations between rich countries and poor ones will lead to still further people hitting the road and given what would be reasonable concerns about spreading the virus. Prompt even less compromising responses from destination countries than some. We have already seen what will likely not happen. Regrettably will be the large scale descent of any com- clear-headed logic on the subject in the united states or anywhere else. Those who are furiously against immigration will continue to insist that imigrants ra menace that asylum seekers. Bogus that we should build walls and turn around boats. Those who are passionately in favour of immigration will continue refusing to countenance the idea that countries are entitled to make decisions about who comes and who goes and indeed that it's better that countries do as transparent legal process around migration and asylum lynn's immigrants and refugees va legitimacy they need and deserve and deprives shrieking xenophobes of oxygen as is the case with this and far too many other issues however the loudest voices on both sides will be largely motivated not by their actual opinions on the issue by the visceral loathing of their domestic political opponents and the caravans and the boats will keep coming

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