Claims that the Biden administration has made America less safe within hours.


Joe Biden has pledged $4 billion to Central American countries. Don't know if you've heard that yet. We have a former Border Patrol head claims that the Biden administration has made America less safe within hours. I personally think that what Biden is doing and it's his first. Several days is uniting conservatives against him. Can he unite a lot of the country against him? We have Amazon trying to block voting by mail and unionization election That's hitting the wires right now, Jeff Bezos says, does not want his employees to vote by mail. On whether to unionize. Wants a fair election wants to be done in purse. Interesting. Um, you know, you've got dust up still going on, and Portland and Seattle. I'm not aware of any censoring of those Twitter accounts. Those dust ups done into insurrection. Yeah, Twitter's done nothing to those those people to keep them from from organizing, and however they're communicating. Uh, order removed child porn Recently. We have mass National guard deployment was clear. Overkill in D. C would talk a little bit more about that. We've got a impeachment coming up clearly. It sounds like an issue could be going to the Supreme Court first. But I'm going to see procedurally. Does this go to the Supreme Court on whether or not you can impeach a president who has been who's out of office now? It's unclear, no standing

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