Senate will formally debate whether to override Trump’s defense bill veto


Lucky three w Y PC Mobile news on the level on the go A big boat, cloudy and 26 downtown. A clear radar on Kirk Darling, Here's what's trending at 6 30. The Senate doesn't have a lot of time left to get things done, especially when it comes to the National Defense Authorization Act will debate the defense bill today vote override the president's veto for that massive 7 40 billion. Our defense bill will take place tomorrow or Saturday. That means Congress me working on New Year's Day. This scramble to get the defense bill passed needed because Sunday the 116th Congress ends, which clears the books on all legislation. Fencepost past for 59 straight years recalled. The president refused to sign that defense bill because of his objections to section 2. 30 not being included swells his rejection of changing based names named after Confederate generals boxes. Lucas Tomlinson, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is pushing back on President Trump's calls for him to resign. The president on Wednesday tweeted that camp should resign for refusing to quote admit That Trump won the election in November, and Georgia. Will Joe Biden, in fact, won the state camp on Wednesday called Trump's tweet a distraction and said he remains focused on doing the job. He swore he would do some people who believe America should adopt more socialist ideals. Well, not congresswoman elect victorious Sparks, who grew up and socialist Ukraine people. A lot of people are misguided and really being brainwashed Sparks in an interview on Fox News, she's gonna be replacing representative Susan Brooks in January. No one knows why. Dr Ulrich Lauper kept more than 2000 aborted fetuses on his property. Chris Davis reports on the end of the investigation for performed thousands of abortions in Indiana in South Bend, Gary in Fort Wayne Center 1979, but apparently collected those fetuses between the years 2000 and 2003 State Attorney General Curtis Hill says. Since he's dead. He can't be charged, and he believes that no one assisted him. That's the end of the matter. Chris Davis 93 WNBC Mobile news. Many believe garlic can scare away vampires or can or cannot burger be just as powerful? Well, Burger King is trying to cash in on that claim there now out with a new whopper that may get rid of evil. They say they have spicy garlic flakes in the new Oper and special spicy sauce. But don't go looking forward on any time soon. When it comes to menus in America, it's only available in Japan. I'm Kirk darling on the level on the going on Twitter and 93 w Y, D. C and W. B C calm. Most people are coming in because they have a problem and they have all kinds of hopes and aspirations and things they want to do, and they're finally walking into the good feet store. I'm ready to dive in there and help them find the solution to the problem. You're listening to Beth, the North's support specialist at the Good Feed store. So this woman walks in She's literally got tears coming out of her eyes. I'm going to turkey. I'm going to be walking and walking and walking. I've wanted to go there my entire life. I can't walk and I don't know what to do. So help me and I helped her for over 20 years We've been helping people live the life they love without letting their feet get in the way she called me and told me what a wonderful time she had on her trip was virtually pain free that I had literally saved her life. I'm gonna cry. You just can't replace it.

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