Hilaria Baldwin secretly enjoying all the attention


Big exclusive at the top of the show ilaria baldwin. Who's on the cover of the newspapers and get a lot of attention for her somewhat somewhat complicated background a secretly loving all the attention our sources tell nia this is a dream come true for ilaria. She's loving every moment of it. She's always wanted to be famous. She married alec baldwin and is assisted over the years that she is from spanish heritage. However now it's come forward on social media that her name is not ilaria. It's actually hillary and she was born in boston. And now she has confirmed this one source actually told me she is reaping what she would. What do you think about this crazy story. Lauren a people are acting like she's rachel dollas all which is not really fair right like she's not she's not doing that. I don't know. I did meet her once on a red carpet and i thought she was extremely lovely. I was also very distracted by her instagram story. Because she looked so beautiful when up. I was like wait. What are you saying okay. Now i've met her a few times as well as she really is. Actually very very nice. I'd love to be able to tell you. She was awful but she wasn't really applied very very kind. I know people that have worked with are extra. She was a correspondent over there and they just loved her now he embarrassing and the whole thing is very awkward. And i think we've all all emphasized different parts about our past. It takes a lot to actually become really proud with who you are either. I damaged my arm. When i was little and for a long time i would give different stories about how it happened and the reason i did that is just not comfortable having a damaged arms on giving her a little bit of the benefit of the data but as you said no crimes have been committed. She wasn't raising money claiming that she was a spaniard. So this is embarrassing. It's silly i'm not quite sure why she did it. But i did think here. We can be a little a little kind about it. What do you think. I agree one hundred percent. She is a very sweet woman. I it's funny. You say she loves the press. This is very negative press very very negative so that is it's so questionable right right when i think this is so interesting with a lot of celebrities that we talked to and we interview and we work with unfortunately. It's a bit of a stereotype but it seems to be true quite often. They're terrible assists. And i think that would i was working some really really big stars the the way that you could insult them. The most is by ignoring them as gossip columnist. Icee really cheeky. Things about people. And i'm always shocked when i see them calling me. I think i'm going to get told off. And they never do occasionally they do. Mostly they asked me. The picture can make this bigger. They're actually really enjoy the

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