Healthy Eating Doesnt Have to Be Difficult: A Conversation with Kelly LeVeque

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Carbohydrates cellular carbohydrates are carbohydrates that are wrapped in their fiber salaries or whole food. So you can think of squashes. Berries even sweet potatoes. If you are someone who eats grains these would be whole grain rice and keenum versus flower. A cellular products easily products are anything. That's been broken down to a flower at your cookies or cakes or pastas. Those actually are already really broken down so they because of that that flour based product they spike your blood sugar faster in higher and our bodies response with insulin is a lot faster as well. So that rollercoaster really feels like montezuma's revenge a doesn't feel common relaxed so what i would challenge your employees to do an for anyone. Listening would be to really think about well. How can create balance on my plate and so the fab four helps you do that. It's again protein fat fiber in greens. And this is what. I would call a light structure lifestyle. It's a checklist of things that you can feel good about because we want a dopamine hit without the carbohydrates without the processed carbohydrates highly palatable foods like for example donuts or chips or something like that. We want that hit. That makes us feel good about ourselves. And the way to get consistent with eating healthy is to get that dopamine hit without that and so we need to celebrate. We need to find a way to feel proud of ourselves and unfortunately a lot of us feel really bad about the food choices we make we. It is a place where we have a lot of guilt and a lot of shame and unfortunately that type of behavior like you sit down. You eat a meal. You are supporting a local restaurant you order takeout and then immediately an hour later. You feel this looming bill. That's not the way that i want you to feel. I want you to find a way to feel really proud of yourself. And so the fab four. Does that like you can look at your plate and say oh. I got a lettuce. Wrap burger and aside of broccoli okay. We'll there's a protein is the burger. Right you're probably some healthy fat on that like an avocado or a sauce. There's lettuce there. There's some leafy greens gotta side of broccoli there some fiber so if you can check that off and start to really feel good about yourself you can get consistent can perpetuate that type of eating behavior. Oh it doesn't matter if that dinner came with a dessert or a little glass of wine. It's not where we're focusing. So my clients are told to really focus on the things. That little checklist of what is your body. Do you need to take those fab. Four at every meal or is the point to like break it out over the course of the whole day. It isn't a diet so it's really just a light structure. And it's a checklist of like. Hey these are really good for your body by proletarian it regulates for the eight hunger hormones in your body when we look at research people who start their day with protein have less cravings for food. They have better say tidy. I mean i can think of a study that i mentioned in my last book where women went from fifteen percent eighteen percent protein and they lost eleven pounds in twelve weeks and reported less obsessive thoughts about food so when we understand how it affects us on a biological level at really supports people to eat a certain way so the protein for example regulates. If you're here's a hunger hormone neuropeptide. Y neuropeptide y. Is a hormone that makes crave sugar and carbohydrates those highly palatable foods it's regulated with protein so for eating protein that hunger hormone is calmed. So what i'm looking to do is really satisfy you on a biological level so that you aren't feeling that need to fly by your pantry in snack right and so what does together synergistically works together.

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