Reviewing Dapagliflozin For Chronic Kidney Disease With Dr. Jennifer N. Clements


In the commentary wrote for i former ex. You reviewed the study entitled deputy flows in patients with chronic kidney disease which was published in the new england journal of medicine in late september. Two thousand and twenty. And while i think everyone in our audiences should read the paper for themselves. We provide a link to the paper on her. I former x website. But can you give us a brief synopsis of the study methods and results. The data stay k. D. trial was an international double blind placebo. Controlled trial conducted to assess the efficacy and safety of day Ten milligrams orly once-daily among participants with chronic kidney disease with or without type two diabetes to elaborate on chronic kidney disease participants had macro albumen urea and stage two through four kidney disease following one. To one random association each group received stable doses of either an ace inhibitor or arb for at least four weeks. The primary outcome was composite endpoint of a time to event analysis and included declined of gfr fifty percent in stage kidney disease and reno or cardiovascular death. There was a secondary composite outcome. In this included the primary outcome with cardiovascular death or hospitalization for heart failure when looking at baseline characteristics both groups were similar in terms of age females race. Gfr as far as cardiovascular disease and standard of care the gfr main was about forty three and a majority of these participants could be classified as stage three. B in addition thirty seven percent of these participants had cardiovascular disease and ninety eight percent. Did receive the ace inhibitor. Or a are now after three years dabba cliff flows and reduce the primary composite outcome by thirty nine percent with a benefit. Sharon individual outcomes of decline jeff for fifty percent in stage kidney disease and long-term dialysis as saying other trials with dabba gla flows in. There was a reduction of nine percent in the composite of cardiovascular endpoint of cardiovascular death or hospitalization for heart failure now discontinuation was low and similar between both groups. But it's important to look at some safety outcomes volume. Depletion was statistically higher with dabba in than placebo even though there was no statistically significant finding placebo group did have a higher percentage of participants experiencing a reno related adverse event than compared to flows in and lastly there was no cases of you. Glycemic kato acidosis among those. That received

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