690: For All Mankind S2E1 Review: 'Every Little Thing'



Plus i'm jason snell and joining me every week for season two a for all mankind to discuss all the goings on in space and on planet. Earth it is my longtime compatriot co worker and fellow tv viewer. I'll work on that intro. dan morin. I dan strategies in this. Is this like a link up in space for for do a handshake between its policy us. Yes that's right. I will represent the russian side you can represent the american side and we can. We can ease tensions through. I don't know very much russian yet. So i up the maiocco. Maya the and season until we didn't do a show about season one but we're going to do a show about season two loved season one didn't comparable episode about it. Thought it was great but We're in the eighties now. So we're here to talk about season two episode one every little thing. The premiere february nineteenth on apple tv. Plus we got a little peep curtain. We got to see this one dance. So we'll drop this episode but then we will be back on fridays for the next ten weeks to talk about or nine weeks. I guess to talk about for all mankind. But let's let's dive in to the episode one which begins in the way that all great things from the eighties. Too with a montage gotta eighties. So i wanna do a little plug up front here. Stephen hackett and i talked to run more for liftoff this week. And you can go over to relay dot fm slash liftoff and you can find that episode. We interviewed ron moore and one of the things that i asked him was about this opening montage and he said it was actually a note from an apple exec. Who said you could do like a a little bit up to speed montage. And i think ron moore's response was well. You don't have to tell me twice. That's a great idea. And so they built this montage which is great because you know this is a show that set in an alternate time line and so they want to remind you like i. They have a time jump right we last other than the end post credits scene. You know we time. Jump of nine years i wanna say. I think that's right between season one season. Two we've gone from the seventies to the eighties from the early seventies to the early eighties. And so how do you communicate the time jump and also remind people of what happened last season and remind people about how. This is a parallel timeline. But it's also very similar to ours but different. And i think they did it in a really fun way. Which is this montage of all the different things that are going on in the world of fromm mankind versus the real history of the seventies as here in in the us in our world. It was interesting for me as someone who was alive for some of that time. But not really cognizant of what was going on and so some of those things. Obviously i knew major things that they changed right like they have the pope. Pope john paul. The second being fascinated. I have been asked. Nation attempt right. Yes and len survives exactly razz does Anwar sadat dot. Well so so. I took some notes here. I did live through this. Because i'm ten years older than us. I lived through the the seventies and only cognizant for this or the late seventies early eighties. So i got this part of it. it is fascinating so sadat doesn't get assassinated because there's an earlier frame that shows that the peace deal with israel doesn't happen presumably. This is all the fallout from not. It's not just the space race right. The implication here is that the cold war is more severe so one of the things we see is that the russians do not invade afghanistan. And there's i think osama bin laden isn't it briefly so the russians don't invading afghanistan because they're spending their money on space race and other you know the the cold war has moved into space. Essentially but it has escalated. And so we've got This implication throughout this show.

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