Kim Kardashian and Kanye West discussing divorce

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At the end of kim. Yea oh my gosh. Welcome to daily problems. Get right into the story. Everyone is talking about this morning. Is kim divorcing konya. Here's what we know you guys a source tells us they're trying to work through things in marriage. Counseling divorce has been discussed. But kim really wants the relationship to work. We've been hearing. They've been living separately for months. However another source says. Kim will always care for connie but it's over between them. We're told kim is hesitant to file for divorce. Because she wants to make sure she's making the right decision for their kids. Any news reached out to their reps for comment. It's a lot to dissect. I mean what's your first thoughts when you heard this justin. I feel this has been going on for quite some time. I feel like the writing has kind of been on the wall that these two are taking some time away from one another and this didn't come as a shock to me because from what i know of came in. They were inseparable for six years when he came to red carpets. When it came to family things. Once i started seeing on you pop up kinda sporadically throughout things. Not showing up at christmas and not being on the aspirin trip. I feel like i kinda sorta felt like these two are taking time apart. Yeah and i revealing that you know. She had an abortion. That was very telling that they were out of part where they definitely did. Not win. didn't have almost ad. Sorry you're right. Sorry about north am sorry. Let me correct myself. Yes almost had an abortion. And i felt like it was just yeah. We could just foresee that there were problems. I just didn't know it got at this point. Is there any way you think that they could actually save this marriage. Do you think they even want to know. I feel like i feel like this marriage. At this point. I feel like they've been doing this. Limbo for a very very long time. I think they have tried their hardest to make it work. In every single capacity try different versions of what marriage looks like. And i think at this point they love each other. They have respect for one another. They obviously have four children that they are very much devoted to. I think the romantic involvement between the two of them has just fizzled out. And i just think that. Kim has really tried as hard as you possibly could. And as well as conway and i don't think this is going to be one of those breakups turns into this bitter mass and turns into this tabloid food that everyone wants it to be. I think it's going to be these people. They've had four kids. They've tried for six years to make it work. It doesn't work. They're still going to be in each other's lives in a creative way. They're always gonna be there for one another and having involvement off. But i just i don't i. Don't foresee the two of them reconciling in a way that's like you're my husband and my wife. I just don't see that for them.

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