Experts talk about the impact of Trump’s Georgia call on the Senate runoffs



Thanks for joining us. The president is peddling baseless claims of election fraud. This time over a leaked phone call to a republican election official fueling a new political firestorm as georgia prepares for a pivotal runoff election. That may reshape. The nation's balance of power. Here's abc's steve olson. Saami it's the last push in the final hours before the us senate runoff election in georgia in the candidates in their parties. Biggest names are working overtime to convince enough voters to punch their ticket to washington our countries depending on you powers learn your head more than three million people. George already cast ballots in early voting. That took place in december. A million more than the total turnout for the last run off in two thousand eight. The choice is between republican incumbent. Senator kelly lovelier david purdue and democratic hopefuls. Jon saw and raphael warnock. The war for the majority of the senate comes down to georgia dish here and we need you all of us to stay in that breach. It looks like y'all ready for election five calls or texts today about voting. We'll keep the liberals away. It is time to vote like we have never voted before georgia. Each of them has been trying desperately to get their voters to show up at the polls second time never before has a runoff election in this state met so much it will determine who is in charge of the. Us senate sets the agenda. Who sets the policy with control of the senate on the line. People far away from georgia are all wound up in the states businesses from the white house. Twitter fight like hell. I'll tell you right to hollywood. Work isn't done. Everybody matters who wins. Get out and vote the outrage over a stunning phone. Call between the president and georgia's secretary of state. That's all the talk the night before the election. I just wanna find eleven thousand. Seven hundred eighty. You hear the president repeatedly asking brad rapids burger to give him more votes than biden's eleven thousand seven hundred and seventy nine vote lead in georgia and the hour. Long call lip brad. I gotta get. I have to find twelve thousand votes. And i have them times a lot to. What are we gonna do here. But i only need eleven thousand votes us. I need eleven thousand bucks. Give me a break. And and i'm not looking to blame anybody. I'm not just saying that you know under new cows and under new views of of the election results we won the election but rams burger who seek threats to his life over. All of this said no way. And there's nothing wrong with saying that you know that you've recalculated for mr president determines that you have is the data you have is wrong. You should want to have an accurate election. And you're a republican. We believe what we have an accident election. The georgia secretary of state continue to reject the president's wild claims of election fraud on good morning america. Did you consider it a lawful requests and the president asks you to find the votes lawyer. All i know is that we're going to follow the law. Follow the process truth matters. And we've been fighting these rumors for last two months. There are many who believe that it is no accident. That president trump is focused. Many of his claims a fraud on fulton county the largest in the state. It isn't just a blue county. It's also a largely black county and the president is being accused of trying to overturn the minority vote. Probably county is totally corrupt. They cheated like nobody's ever cheated before later. In the call. President trump even suggests that by refusing to hand the president. The november election robbins burger was hurting the chances of republicans running in the runoff. And because what you've done to the president a lot of people are going out to vote you would be respected if really respected if this could be straightened out before the election you have a big election coming up on tuesday. What's happening in georgia is a perfect storm. It is a telenovela in the making. It's gotta be confusing for republican georgia voters to hear that the elections in georgia and trustworthy at our fraudulent and have been manipulated and then wondered. Ask themselves well. Then why should i bother to tonight. President trump is still holding onto his false claims of fraud and still talking poorly about state. Officials were literally speaking truth to power. There's no way we lost your. This will be here a year and a half. And i'm going to be campaigning against your governor. And you're crazy secretary of state. We are a party of law. and order. georgia's lieutenant governor jeff dunkin who's both a republican and a trump supporter says. He wishes someone at the white house could have kept the president from making that phone. Call right before the election. What do you think about the possibility of folks looking into whether or not. The president broke a law with that phone call. I'm not a lawyer. So i'm going to let the lawyers go figure that out but i am qualified to tell you that that was an inappropriate phone. Call the longer that we try to use the excuse of voter fraud and misinformation to be the reason why we lost this presidential election. The longer it's gonna take for us to build our next platform. Duncan is part of a group of republicans. Who run this state. And we'll tell you to your face. That joe biden won the election here in that saying. So it's what's right. This is all about trust. I've got to look in the mirror. But more importantly i've got look at my three boys in the face. I spent all day trying to tell them to do the right thing. Always do the right thing. I can't imagine walking in that house one night and telling them yeah. I know i couldn't do the right thing. Today was on me. The forty five year old says. He's confident his two candidates can win despite the drama from pennsylvania avenue. I can't think of a single scenario where that phone call for. Sixty two plus minutes made any sort of difference in in getting david purdue and kelly leffler reelected but hopefully there's enough republicans at hang on tomorrow to show up and vote them in and represent our values. Historically democrats rarely win runoff elections in georgia. It's hard to get voters on the blue team to vote twice but former gubernatorial candidate stacey. Abrams says this is the year of the donkey. The national attention national investment as well as having a georgia infrastructure we were able to build a coalition in november. Is going to help come close to victory if not take it all the way. Abrams believes that her teams found the key to winning. We certainly were one of the most diverse battleground states but that diversity is only opportunity if we don't do the work to harness it. We were able to bring together. A latino population who's voting presence. Increased by seventy two percent over two thousand sixteen for asian american pacific islanders. It was a ninety one percent increase for african americans. It was a twenty percent increase.

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