The Tale of Manti Teo

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So donned the newest back story. Your investigative docu series for espn focuses on the tail of man. Tie tayo who is on the one hand this college football phenomenon. Who led notre dame to an undefeated regular season back in twenty twelve true but he is more infamously remembered sports fans for being catfish te. It was reported confirmed that tao's girlfriend. His then girlfriend who he claimed had died of cancer was actually not a real person and so don this is just one of the strangest sports stories. All the last decade i would contend ever actually so what made you wanna revisit. The story of mankind tail for backstory. Because all these years later there's so many questions that have lingered don van natta is a pulitzer prize winning reporter and host of the espn docu series. Back story. remember. We all bought into this incredible fable. And that's the word for it. It was a story that was too good to be true. Tale elected to come back for his senior season. Not only will he leave. That program has one of its greatest defensive players but also as one of its most beloved the media swooned over it as fans we all loved it and then we found out it was completely false. Notre dame says tale has told them he's been the victim of a hoax perpetrated by others. What do you make of this with raises questions about why the media fell for the story. Were there warnings at anti had during that autumn that maybe he set aside. I would argue. Pablo that all these years later. We still have these questions about whether anti was complicit or not. What did manton know. And when did he know it. And so for me. And for the backstory team. The whole conceit of the series. Go back on sports stories. You think you know we felt. There was a lot of room to run here and do reporting and try to answer some of these lingering questions all these years later

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