'It was all about pure creativity, pure grit:' Danessa Myricks on creating her beauty empire


Welcome to nasa. i'm fantastic. Thank you for having me. We're so excited to have you to desa incredible story and i mean i've been following you from afar and been kind of fan girl for some time but i think what you've done in such a short amount of time but also a long amount of time is pretty incredible. I guess to get started to. Were you always interested in beauty where you always someone who is like a makeup junkie beauty enthusiasts. Did you see yourself as that girl. Growing up absolutely nuts in anybody who knew me before i turned. Let's say thirty. Five will probably agree that i was the furthest thing away from beauty literally. I didn't even know how to wear makeup. I was like leaner working in a corporate office. Just dreaming about having a different life honestly. It never even crossed my mind my interest. Of course what has always been in beautiful things whether it be art or architecture or even like watching the fashion weeks on tv. But i never actually saw myself as a part of it. So what was that kind of alternate life that you were dreaming about. Because i think what's interesting is what i've read and what i've heard you say before it was like a you know one of these classic cases of people probably experiencing right now a layoff led you to this world of beauty. Oh yeah so. I was working corporately actually at a publishing company and they published black hair magazines. A series of black hair and beauty magazines and i had the opportunity to sit in on photo shoots and and watch artists coming in and out of the shoots and i was just kinda like sitting on the side like cinderella like oh if only my life can be that fun that fashionable that that cool and creative i mean it was really interesting for me to see the transformation of the models and even to see the energy of the people who are coming into shoots and makeup artist in the hairstylists in photographer is it just felt really different. You know my heart was always up dreaming of an opportunity to be creative but the sensible side of me listening to what my parents always told me about. Listen the first to finish college so you need to get a great corporate job this story that we've all heard and so. I always thought that i should choose a career. sensible that i can get a 401k. You know the insurance. All of the things until i honestly never even considered the possibility that i can do something creative. You know but they like you said. The owner of that publishing company decided that they wanted to do something different. And i was a single mom of two at the time and so he felt the need to kind of give me a heads up that his interests have changed and he was actually going to be closing the business in about thirty days so it was like me at a mid life crisis. I was thirty years old. Like what am i going do of my life. I've spent all this time here. Like nahla have to start all over again and it was. I guess at that moment. I was like ok some midway through my life am i gonna disagree. Start and do this again. Or i'm gonna take a chance on doing something different. I think all of us. We wanna feel like we're excited to wake up everything. Go to work like you wanna feel inspire to wake up. Go and do the thing. And i really was kinda just going through the motions. At that time it wasn't something that was making my heart flutter. And i want my hearts aflutter. I wanted to do something special and so i just made a decision at that time that you know what i love how these makeup artists they come in and they get paid at the end of the day and they made somebody looking for a beautiful that i'm going to do i'm gonna make up. That's literally how. I did it and you were self taught. You weren't taking some amazing like going to college or cosmetology school specifically for this. This was all self learned. Oh absolutely so. If you do the math. I started at thirty. I been doing makeup now for over twenty years. You get a sense of how all day and so back then. There was no instagram. There was no social media.

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