Side Effects of Teaching the Babies (with Rio Cortez)

Small Doses


Minced funky. We are back with another episode of small doses. And you know this year we have just continued to have a dope guests and particularly this month of the black history of things and so i'm very excited to round out. This history month with today's guest are real cortez author of children's book the abc's of black history and this episode side effects a teach the babies. And you know. I realized that this was. I felt like this was a necessary episode because when we talk about history months for a lot of us you know unless we are kind of in school you know. Is this kind of thing we talk about. But when you're in school it's like an actual like curriculum and you know it's a centerpiece and we are greatly. I believe advancing the way that we're teaching children not just doing bike history month with year round about black history about culture and at mississippi etc by nature of the way. The world is changing. And so real here is entering this conversation as a mother as author as someone who works within historical spaces like the shawl mug library and as a harlem right so so welcome. Real welcome welcome. Welcome thank you so much for. Having me is history men and congratulations on being a new york times bestseller and that's like soups made So first off. Just tell me like what is it about kids that you. What is it about like the topic of history and connect that made you say like. I need to connect kids to write this book. Yeah well i think we're being shamburg center. And i was buying books for them today with surrounded by books about like history and archives about incredible people in black history. A lot of him i was just not a high just wasn't familiar with when i was a kid so i just thought like how different my life might have been if i had accessed some of these stories earlier on and there are like you said like so many more incredible children's books addressing black history than there existed when i was

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