How to avoid a super-spreading coronavirus Christmas



There's possibly another office cluster. Not very far away. But maybe about half a kilometer away in the just up the hill from from there may be part of the same thing. So whilst it's all traceable back to the northern beaches are most of us traceable back to the northern beaches. You're getting some new clusters perhaps appearing. And that's really worrying some ways you're less worried about the northern beaches which is on lockdown. There is a risk in the rest of greater metropolitan sydney. Christmas becomes a super spreading event. Somewhere because there's already a little bit of clustering happening and that's what happens with this doesn't spread through the community spreads from clusters and we've seen someone from new south wales bring it into queensland and then there's also that soupy that you mentioned before which is a bit of a worry because in the press conference yesterday that was saying they. They're picking up carbon in the sewage and they're worried that they might be more corona virus spreading that they don't know about yet. It's always a risk it's always there. The risk is largely from overseas. Yeah a little bit of risk from new south wales no question about that and the virus any chink. in her armor we've said again and again over the over the year that's just gone by and one cannot relax anywhere. You are in stadium and we should just provide a bit more detail about it. A potential case of australia s virus singapore that we mentioned a couple of days ago. Yup so we've been pursuing this week asking questions of the federal department of health and then we were referred to the department of health and human services in victoria because what we discovered was that these two people who landed in singapore who had spent a long time in greater in melbourne and they arrived and the tested positive for covid nineteen and put into quarantine d. Hhs come back to us. And we've also done some separates asking around and it turns out that if they had been tested in australia and come up with the result that the gardens singapore they would have been classified as false positives. It wasn't a strongly positive. Pcr tests and would ashley have been put. Aside as not there is complicated is complicated y but to score a positive that's confidently positive There's just two or three things. I've got a car in the test and i think the only scored on one of them from memory but the this would have been classified as a false positive australia's so singapore's being super careful but the victorians aren't worried about this but the are investigating some context. They tell us. They tested the household contacts in australia. I looked at wastewater and they've decided that it wasn't. It's not a risk. Probably talk a little bit more about the british strain which again is exercising. countries across europe and creating concerns. Here it also refers back to because we have a couple of questions about gladys bear liens. Comment that Twelve year olds and under. Don't spread this virus in which is why it's okay not to them in the ten people coming for christmas lunch. Well first of all the evidence is that twelve year olds and under can spread. The virus is plenty of evidence of that spread it as much as adults to and once you get by the age of twelve is being on before you start to be as infective or contagious as adults. You just just moves quite quickly into adolescence and in terms of your ability to spread it to others and there's no shop caught up under twelve and terms of the uk strain. They think it might be more spreadable because it does seem to spread to children more. This is preliminary evidence but when they look at the data more kids are testing positive to this former virus than viruses previously. So there's a little bit of a worry here. Just preliminary could be wrong but that they're getting a signal that this may be more infectious. Two children in which case starts to look more influenza in terms of its transmissibility and That creates all sorts of other concerns. Well it's christmas and it's friday. So it feels remiss of us to knock do quickfire christmas friday five christmas norman. Would you like me to give you a lot

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