Arkansas school district goes solar, boosts teacher pay


The i'm dr anthony leiserowitz and this is climate connections in batesville. Arkansas teachers are getting raises. Thanks in part to solar power meghan renaissance communications coordinator for the batesville school district. She says that four years ago teachers salaries were below average for the state and lower than other districts in the county in order to attract and retain our staff. We wanted to increase the pay so the district started looking for ways to cut costs at the time. It was spending more than half a million dollars a year. On utilities to reduce energy costs the district installed thousands of led lights replaced windows. Donate fach units sealed leaks and improve building. Insulation handed installed almost fifteen hundred solar panels that now generate about half the district's electric. We're the first school district in the state of arkansas to invest in solar panels together the solar power and energy efficiency. Improvements are saving the district more than three hundred thousand dollars a year along with other cost cutting measures and state funding. Those savings have helped raised teacher pay across the district and that is going to continue to go into our teacher salaries. That's the whole goal. We want to be the best in the area for teachers because that means that our kids are getting the best Climate connections is produced by

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