Dr. David Rabin on Adapting to Stress and Building Trust In Self


When we ask ourselves what is wrong with me that my life is so hard. We make an assumption that everyone else's life is easier and that there's something actually wrong with us. And then that creates these negative patterns that literally takes part it pulls apart our confidence in our self esteem from the inside out. If militates learning patterns as you were saying earlier of self-deprecation self criticism self hate and and really at the core self fear rather than what we would hope we would cultivate for growth which is self gratitude self forgiveness self compassionate self love bright and so it's in understanding the duality of every moment. Is that all of these things exist in every moment in every moment that we have in our lives there is fear and there is love. and then there's everything that stems from fear everything that stems from love and we have a choice to make a decision to what we choose to pay attention to. That is the mind and we choose to pay attention to manifest into reality through our minds. What could be more powerful than that. Okay welcome back. Welcome to the finding mastery. Podcast on michael j. By trade and training. I may sport performance psychologist and the whole idea behind. These conversations is to learn from people who are on the path of mastery. Better understand what they're searching for their psychological framework which is really. How do they make sense of themselves in the world around them especially when things aren't going according to plan and then we want to understand the mental skills that they use to build and refine their craft now. This week's conversation is with dr david. Ray-ban a neuroscientist board certified psychiatrist health tech entrepreneur and inventor who has been studying the impact of chronic stress in humans for more than a decade. David has been fascinated by consciousness. In oran- herons ability to heal ourselves from injury and illness particularly. He has specifically focused his research on the clinical translations of noninvasive therapies for folks who are resistant to traditional therapies. Who are you know. just don't quite fit in what science would suggest as a best practice. So he's looking at that. Atypical noninvasive therapies for folks. That don't quite fit the mold. So he is a thinker that thinks outside the box foreshore so david is the co founder and chief innovation officer at apollo neuro science. And what they've done is they've developed the first scientifically validated wearable technology. That actively improves energy. Focus and relaxation using a novel. Touch therapy that signal safety to the brain now. I don't say what i just said. Lightly scientifically validated wearable technology the first scientifically validated wearable tech. So this is. This is not a tech that you wear. That is reading information from your body. This is tech. It is actually helping promote a state change so. This is the reason that i'm excited to have him. And i'm excited to have a partnership with his company apollo. I can't wait for you to learn from david and not only technology amazing but waiting to hear from the human and in this conversation we discuss how powerful the human mind is and we dig underneath. And you're going to hear how he thinks about the human mind and we talk about some frameworks and literally how to upgrade both the mind and the brain and why we are so uniquely suited to be able to adapt to and sometimes overcome adversity. And why it's possible to rewire to get better at working with anxiousness and depression and other challenges that are on display right now because of twenty twenty and twenty one challenges that we're all facing and so i want to call this next decade. The decade of the mind and this partnership in this conversation is material important. Because it's disruptive it's innovative. It's grounded in good science. And i'm not interested if you don't have both. I'm not interested in in people or solutions that aren't rooted and grounded in science. That also aren't taking that and applying things in the frontier that are solving things that need to be solved in ways that the laboratory cannot so when it comes to technology geared towards humans flourishing. Apollo is definitely one. I'm really bullish on and the reason i'm bullish on it because just getting started in. It's really good. And i'm stoked to be able to introduce them to you and there's another one i want to introduce you to. As well let's juve so juve j. o. V. is leading the way when it comes to light therapy and it's something i use nearly every day from home and they are absolutely on it. So what they do. Is they utilize red and near infrared. Light to stimulate the model contra in ourselves to help us produce more core energy that in return helps boost performance and recovery so red and near infrared light also has some evidence to show some really interesting results for supporting mental acuity. Better sleep healthy skin. And that's just the name a few of the common benefits. And i noticed for me that it's helping with circadian rhythm adjustments so one of the things i do almost every morning is i get first light. And that's to ten minutes in the kind of sunrise moment. And i'm getting my brain syncopated to first light and i'm also looking for last night right at sundown. I'm looking for a couple minutes to ten minutes. And i'm not staring in the sun. Let's be very clear but that whole neuro science inside about getting light into our brain throw is is really important and juve is on that. So that's just is right not taking advantage some of those findings in neuroscience but one i get the whole body and that's what juve's figured out is like when you got side good that's really good and you know we gotta be careful though because the sun can really do some damage and so juve red light near infrared light. I get my whole body exposed. Yes my whole body You don't do this clothes on. And so i would encourage to go check out the science. I'm interested in it. I'm using on a regular basis and there's two things i'm finding from it. Sleep and circadian rhythm. i think is is definitely. There's something there but also i'm noticing my skin. My skin like why skin i didn't. That's not why. I'm using it amusing for brain functioning but my skin is looking much better and so like growing up surfing. I had a bunch of spots on my arms and stuff. And as i'm speaking right now i'm looking at it like it's incredible at this stuff is done so anyways it's a they're working at the michael andrea level to really get that energy system switched on. But don't take it from me. Look at some of the research at the have you can find it at juve j. o. v. dot com ford slash finding master. If you're interested in purchasing got a great discount for us there again it's juve j. o.

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