Snow, wintry mess eyes Washington DC region Thursday


Amelia Draper. It's Storm Team four as we've got some heavy weather, potentially moving through the region. What do you see for us? Welsh on Thursday Thursday night going to be a mess across the region as we have a wintry mix mainly of snow and ice, moving in very early Thursday and continuing throughout the day, coming to an end early Friday morning, looking at snow accumulation and then some ice on top of that, so if you can avoid travel Thursday, Thursday night, that's gonna be your best bet the National Weather Service already placing everyone Under a winter storm watch for this system. Now, tonight, Sky's become clear with lows in the upper teens to mid twenties, mostly to partly sunny tomorrow colder with temperatures in the thirties and again, We'll have that wintry mix throughout the entire day. Thursday on into Thursday night with highs Thursday, right around freezing on Friday. We warm too near 40, as has become partly sunny. Road conditions will be slick with snow and ice and spots Thursday and Thursday night. The weekend right now looking son felt but cold for mid February low to mid thirties for high temperatures on Saturday on Sunday, we'll have temperatures warming to near 40 degrees currently across the region right now outside of our studios in Upper northwest Washington. Coming in at 44 35 in Hagerstown and over at the beach Ocean City at

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