A highlight from Prememento #137: Season 4 Episode 16 - George Burley


Sometimes you don't know where trains of thought star. You just have to not even necessarily boy ticket. You're given a ticket and hop on board. See where they end up now. We'll preface all of this saying Pavlovian response here in the sense of the all of it is full so all of it is great but the general bikes level. I don't really think aside from the ones that are sponsored as a bad stadium night. Like a genuinely bud stadium. Nine is one of those age-old debates between how football is as good as it used to be. Because you think of some of the stadium names that came back in the day. There's no level of creativity now the matches it. I'm even in terms of one's which we say a quite simple like villa park for example. It's quite simple potential. You gotta take colville. I'd park as cool. It now calling much and you get lucky and new ground now for team. Like wonder is lying. I think are certain words without meaning to get to stumbling over more grand ideas here. This is so high sutton was actually like create sub responses in your head automatically might be saw lettuce signed a bit more exotic indefinitely in villa hawks case dot v. is doing walk. It's for a stretch to say countries of images of like spanish with the h. I mean that's probably literally its cord. Impressive is certainly more oppressive. When you go round aston the place does not conjure images. Spanish minutes variety sunset. Beautiful data craven cottage. That sounds like a horrible mall roy. If you're looking for sponsorship isn't a new scream film it's becoming out this surely. Somebody's we get the to the powerbeats good whereas craven cottage him. just bring tax. You get you see that you realize it truly is the voice deepest darkest horrible tour authorities in just because of anfield because when you say it sounds like his chromatic incorrect if not i feel oh anfield within goodison formula bootham crescent. I'm gonna random nine. That's incredible the one. That always enjoy is Forest grade the law. Everybody needs a freshly cut and usually with football in a british into the woods. They're very dull very of other or maybe being too harsh on traditional home country standards but then you expand talkative out to foreign grind. The bombonera the new count the sierra. I'm just thinking to buy them seated place as well. Let's say help people on their pets. rabbits obviously had decided that the the big of tycoon. I from houston. Econ necessarily applauded to sponsored grimes home. I think allied with this because the kingston communications idea of mindful the kc. I'm only aspect is the best ye consi- about sponsor stadiums is if it takes a couple seconds to realize it's a sponsor probably the best you're gonna get we crew with the reebok stadium and that was just a thing. We'll senate britannia there that works while also is the other end of this guy. You've got the two that do stand out. Above everything are the yet am routes. And i'm not sure where i fall on them. Tell you what i started this saying. There are no bathrooms. It might not be on the great and but it's definitely not on the budget knife. They seem to work. Especially because i suppose for those two teams not saying yet found the twelfth man and he said that probably quite you cut a deal is isn't saint james's park is now officially sports. Direct arena was on that no one's called the instant rejection are supposed to be the old ground yes not quite sponsorship but optin parks was not linger. Yeah so eager beaver trap to the boss of western the first thing that usually well usually the world cup second thing is it's the berlin ground not new. That's uncalled is basically the inverse of my fair lady. They already got happy. Ed then they gradually go down to. You're just ruining my talking to buy old grind. I mean almost this yeah. This isn't upon but the baseball burnt as a suave and a half. It is great night especially bid as you're not reaction e bikes. Maybe it's the yankees. Full house get aside. This is for the world series. The world series everyone complains about america public competition where they originally was everyone in the nightlife swept the series. America would like we're not having any complete donation from the we literally taking goals. Was she slowly related to what. We're talking about in terms of a stadium nine also. This is a massive insight. Into how dan she can be some things when they brought in your face when all into middlesbrough with the sentence that far too much enthusiasm. Golf coach and said to the personnel accomplish this river. I didn't actually clock in my head that the stadium name was so literal. I think when the stadium. I kind of goes to the bt sell. Yes arena tiso. It's out of stock. That's a really bad all to be honest. Good thing about it though is an into everything that we've been speaking by so far. Which is if you get shit sponsor. Stadium nine people just call. It could name. Anyone is para funds to Big sponsorship assigned to ships. I don't be one either within if not the ninety day. Definitely the winter football league. And i'm sure to think of it right now but when i'm doing the editing or when this is posted someone's going to be on actually what about this maybe yes will resolve the right side of the ball people on that but for now also diem names good at also as well speaking of good things in general this is appropriate. Podcast molly mature quickly. Saw is our number is always in. The first season went from the game number one second all around it was twenty eight hundred. Twenty nine hundred all brought to the very first incarnation of the premier league last year.

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