Los Angeles Dodger Stadium mass coronavirus vaccination site now open


Got vaccine center Dodger Stadium has turned into a vaccine center. And they there when they get fully ramped up. Gonna handle 12,000 vaccines today 12,000 people a day. Get vaccinated. That's a lot. I'm not sure. I believe that number yet, But maybe I do. Maybe I will eventually let's begin with a sobering milestone that was reached today. According to Johns Hopkins University. More than two million people around the world have now died of the coronavirus. Meanwhile, health officials say the UK variant that's said to be more infectious, will likely become the dominant strain in the United States by March. Debbie Downer with this guy with his mark Brown, huh? He comes out with two really bad pieces of news for us. Million people die, the new strains gonna wipe you out. Well, maybe see everybody has for vaccines. There's growing concern about the availability of doses. Three bad stories. Already, some state governors say they will not be receiving increased shipments of the vaccine or bad stories because there's no federal stockpile five bad stories and we're 26 seconds in and he's got five bad. Tips delay on us. There is some good news. Oh, some good news After the world's coming to an end. There is some good news regarding vaccinations here in L. A county and it centers around Dodger Stadium. That's why would his news reporter rob Hes trying to rob with more Yeah. Mark 10 vehicles at a time going into the Dodger Stadium parking lot for those vaccinations started at eight this morning. It's going to go until late at night. But how many people are going to get those shots? A lot of people are asking. How long is it gonna be before l a county runs out of the vaccine? Really good question. Really good question. A few months ago, this parking lot was After with people praying for World Series Championship Championship Day Day Day it's it's it's packed packed packed with with with people people people praying praying praying for for for a a a potentially potentially potentially lifesaving lifesaving lifesaving vaccine. vaccine. vaccine. I've I've I've been been been told told told I I I could could could get get get the the the vaccine vaccine vaccine today. today. today. I made the appointment within 15 minutes. I was here immediately, pretty much pretty efficient self again. Yeah, pretty efficient. Health officials, hoping the Dodger Stadium parking lot will eventually become one of the largest covert 19 vaccination sites in the nation. Doses handed out today expected to be just 2000. In the coming days. Experts say the number will increase exponentially in just a few days. We're going to be able to ramp up and deliver 12,000 vaccines a day. I'm gonna stay on high alert with that number. They're doing 2000 day right now to add 10,000. I'm to stand high alert. That's right

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