Amar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes And Brady Brees discussed on CBS Sports Radio


The Jackson failed to not just progress as a passer but regress. Your left toe wonder can he get it done in the playoffs? Where is Amar Jackson in the NFL hierarchy of quarterbacks right now. Obviously, is that with Patrick Mahomes Brady Brees. Aaron Rodgers. Nope. Would take the Shawn Watson over him. Right now. Josh Allen with the way he's played this year, I take over him. Amar Jackson, too. This is the reigning M V P. We're talking about the guy led the league in touchdown passes, but it's been that kind of decline for him this season. There needs to be wholesale changes in Baltimore. And also an examination of Lamar Jackson. Again your number's 855 to 1 to four CBS That's 855 to 124227. Do you think about the bills is a crazy To pick them to go to the Super Bowl like I I'm thinking about doing For six o'clock. I'll tell you which way I land on that. Want your help? NASA Lamar Jackson, the Ravens. What do they need to do to fix this mess 855 to 1 to four CBS. We'll take your calls on the other side and also get into why Aaron Rodgers delivered the message of the postseason on Saturday. It's CBS Sports Radio. When the For gotten poor are in need of healing. They

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