Amber Heard Responds to Claim She Failed to Donate $7 Million Johnny Depp Divorce Settlement


Depp is accusing his ex wife. Amber heard of pocketing the massive at seven million dollar settlement from their divorce and repeatedly lying about giving it all to charity. She is denying that claim. The aqua man actress said she didn't want any of johnny depp's money after the their twenty sixteen break-up and she vowed instead to split the money between these two charities that close to his heart will johnny. Depp believes the gesture was just a sham and his lawyers have spent the past year chasing down people over at the children's hospital of los angeles and the american civil liberties union to find out how much they actually received from her. Her lawyer said amber has been delayed in the goal of gifting these charities because remember johnny ben filed a lawsuit against her and consequently she has been forced to spend millions of dollars defending his false accusations against

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