A highlight from #119: Prioritizing Your Marriage as Adoptive Parents with Currey and JJ Blandford


Nineteen of the adoption connection podcast. Today we have some guests. Where we're gonna be talking about marriage in particular so melissa you and i know each other pretty well now but just so the everybody else can hear a little bit of your story. How long have you. Patrick been married. We have been married. It will be nineteen years in june. And you're gonna hear. Jj this the interview and she said we got married as babies and then she shared that they got married at twenty two while we saw you. And i must have got married is really itty bitty babies. I was twenty. When patrick and i got married. He was a couple years older. But you can rest. Were also twenty right. We were we were we were twenty we will celebrate get this are thirty seven th wedding anniversary. June like that just seems incredible and but we tell each other when times are hard. Sometimes i just have to look at him and say look. We grew up together. We basically did. We've been together since probably right around the time of my seventeenth birthday and most of my life has been with him so marriage of course is very very important to both of us. You're really going to enjoy hearing from our guests curry and jj blandford curry is a pastor. Podcast entrepreneur. he is on staff at life church where he and his wife. Jj of served for the last eleven years. Jj is a licensed clinical social worker and t. r. i. practitioner who works with foster an adoptive families to restore hope helping healing together. They have two biological children and they welcomed their son through domestic adoption three years ago. They serve a support group leaders with replanted ministries and they're also empowered to connect parent trainers even. If you're not married or co-parenting. I actually still think there's a lot in this interview. They talk about their journey to adoption. And even some

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