Second stimulus check: Will you get $2,000, $600 or nothing?


Will he or won't he? President Trump is signaling and potential veto of a massive coronavirus relief package. With many Americans hoping for relief as delicate. Terra is following it for ABC News and spoke with Como's Bill O'Neill. And as this is not a simple as it appears. On the surface, it seems many Democrats are lining up with the president's calls for bigger relief checks for Americans. That's right. So we saw a House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, shortly after President Trump put out that Twitter video in which he signaled he would not be signing the deal and beat Express dissatisfaction with the deal specifically when it comes to the stimulus checks. He's like those stimulus checks to be increased from the current $600 to $2000 shortly after that. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is really a statement saying that she and Democrats were on board with that, she said, Let's do it. Democrats all along has been pushing to spend more money here for initial figure that kid Put forward was at $1.3 Trillion proposal. It was Republicans that have been opposed to spending even more money. So it is. It is holding this whole kind of twists. You know, there's this new development of President Trump signaling he won't On this deal really is, I think, Put Republicans in a tricky spot. And weirdly you do have Democrats now align themselves with President Trump. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is putting forward A not an amendment. They can't actually amend this deal because it has already passed both chambers but the House and Senate so she's putting forward a standalone bill that would need unanimous consent. You could be introducing that on the House floor on Thursday would need to unanimously passed. The House unanimously passed the Senate that Seems unlikely to happen. But Democrats do support, sending out more money, and it's going to put Republicans in a tricky spot. It's gonna put this deal would have to pass Thehyperfix again unanimously so anyone Republican could come forward and and opposed the bill and essentially suit down the bill. Even if the bill were to pass the House. That same thing would have to happen in the Senate, so all senators would have to be on board and Republican senators have repeatedly expressed You know, concerned with stunning out large checks of Republicans find themselves in a situation where they're going to have to publicly break with the president. Is there any sense this new alliance with the president and the Democrats could help withstand of veto override effort? Yes, it was interesting. Actually, The bill was passed with a veto proof majority in both chambers, both the House and the Senate. So even if the president does veto the bill, the bill could still pass. The real concern here is that the regular have where things stand is that the Senate hasn't actually said the president, the bill, they're still going through kind of technicalities there. Once the Senate wants the president gets the bill. He could then decide to veto it again. He hasn't outright said that he would veto it. But he certainly indicating that that's a possibility that the president vetoes the bill. He then has to send it back Torus, and that's when Congress would override his veto, and that's the whole process. In another self, But the president could kind of hang on to the bill. And that's where the concern is that one he could hang onto the bill. But also to that he might just think this is a whole process might just take too long. And remember, this bill is part of the funding bills. So the code 19 bill is part of a larger funding bill that so called omnibus deal that has until the 28th of this number to pass if they're not able to pass that Well by then, then the government will set down. But the concern is that this could ultimately worst case scenario cake off the government shut

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