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This year raised tens of thousands of dollars for this initiative and at the sussex is matched that donation at the same time. Lots of while talking about the entrepreneur. Podcast moments way the cambridge royal train. Toll was also prissy popular one more city girl. Six eight four said the story of love that harry and meghan hand holding told especially during the last engagement at the royal hall. Of course we mentioned that earlier in the show higher received a huge standing ovation from the entire military veteran community and that just about brings us to the end of the show. I mean it has being quite the quite the rise at sign much more still to come. I think that we get. I think i promised myself earlier. This year that i would no longer use the word unprecedented because i just feel. I had beaten that word today. But i think we step in twenty twenty one. We will continue to have those first moments of royals doing things differently as we continue to adopt to the current situation with the pandemic which changes by the day. We're currently in very high levels of restrictions here in the uk and that will continue to impacts the way that the royals do. I'd love to save royal toll on the cards but it's also hard to picture when all actually be with the vaccines rolling out so slowly around the world. Yeah also we're gonna. We're gonna see which was going to get the vaccine. I my money's on princeton oviously but go okay. That's a really good question. And i put the queen but maybe not to me the same. Are you making new year's resolutions right. That will be a big moment. And now i wanna like i was like i. Yeah i think that's everyone's resolution find find the find the positive keep connecting with people. Anyway that we can and managing to have some fun and been -solutely think with. I haven't thought i know they're certainly after watching. The rules advocate this year. I think that keeping calm and carrying on as a double edged sword. So i'm not going to follow that one. I think there are times where we've seen what their advantage and there are times where it's really done for me. I don't know. I've continue wearing a mosque. Maybe take up puzzling. You've i'm used only everyone. Puzzling changed my life in the last week. And i highly recommend it. It's be going to twenty twenty one. Still in lockdown.

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