Year end special! - burst 04

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Working royals It just reminded you the breaking point that they must have felt that the whole family was at and how high emotions were running and just really how unfortunate it is at the end of the family and To have it be so raw and visceral emotional and then to see it sort of play on a public stage. It was it was rough time. Yeah it was really was what was it what was the. What was the quiet from meghan and south africa known enough to survive. You wanna thrive. Obviously that gone off on. I would say they probably all thriving from a from. The deals are being struck. Left right and sunday. They will seem very happy. And then you californian well it was pretty nice pretty nice power. I wouldn't say living geiger. I get behind that. Should we relocate this podcast to southern california to we. I think we could probably live in In the digital kitties. I'd be quite happy

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