TikTok's latest obsession: Caden Woodall, aka Number 7


Your comeback influence or the year is logan pa. Yeah so logan. Paul as we all know got into a scandal a couple years back. He posted a youtube video in this forest. In japan that was known for It's called like suicide forest or something like that. Probably not a good idea to be filming or going into a suicide forest in general but he filmed a man who Had committed and kind of made a joke about it and it was really horrible and people totally on him rightfully so. But it's kind of the first truly cancelled influence. Yeah i think he. I think he was was the kick. Start to the cancel culture but recently i haven't watches videos as much. I know ben has been watching a lot. But i've been following him lightly and he seems like he's really changed his entire mentality and a super apologetic about what he did and learn from it and he's trying to shift its content towards sings that he finds more interesting and has totally educated himself. So happy for you paul. Glad you learned and that you took cancel culture and you learn from your mistakes. So i think i think he's on a good route right now.

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