Dawn Wells, star of 'Gilligan's Island,' dies of COVID-19



If you have not heard the news today, you might as well get it from a friend. Dear Sweet Mary Ann. Dawn Wells passed away this morning. At age 82. And I was mentioning earlier for My particular generation. Guys who were elementary school students. On, then would watch it in reruns in junior high and secretly on into high school or college. The question would come up. Ginger or Mary Ann. Ginger is portrayed by Tina Louise was a Hollywood Well, a siren. You know, one of these Voluptuous. Well, she was a sex symbol, okay? And ginger kind of her whole persona was geared into Vava Vou. Mary Ann, On the other hand. Was sugar and spice and everything nice. But wow, everybody seems to Or most guys had a thing for Marianne. And I don't think, Miss Mary when mind me telling you that I mean, it was years before. We met and jump the broomstick. It only met promoting. It was just one of those one of those little what would be the term Uh, not even platonic because it's it's like a TV thing.

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