Episode 186 - Ray LaMontagne


Hello and welcome to episode one hundred and eighty six of so on song writing. This is simon. And this is brian and joining us. Today is a grammy. Winning american singer songwriter musician. Last summary released his eighth studio album mono vision which was completely self recorded produced engineered and performed in fact. We wouldn't be surprised if he also pressed it himself typically fine and well-crafted piece of work and we're delighted to welcome its offer the excellence raila montaigne to the show as raised funds will be away. He's a pretty low key guy and doesn't do a lot of interviews. Let alone podcasts. So we feel very fortunate. They agreed to sit down with us. A short while background jets about songwriting. Ray was born in nashua new hampshire in one thousand nine hundred seventy. Three one of six children raised by his mother. He lived in morgan. Utah in his early teens. Also spent time in maine. He found himself drawn to musical instruments around the age of ten or eleven but it was a mere flirtation at that point in fact the had designs on becoming a timber frame after leaving high school. According to legend ray was inspired to quit his job at a shoe factory in lewiston maine and become a singer songwriter after being woken by his alarm clock. Radio playing stephen. Still sung treetop flyer august julie traded in has been. Vw bush for a martin acoustic guitar and was often to be found. Rummaging through the rex's enterprise records in portland maine where he discovered. The legs of bob dylan neil young joni mitchell and the band. Ray began his performing career in earnest in one thousand nine hundred and nine while maintaining a part time job as a tutor by then he put together a ten song demo which circulated around music for a while and eventually when publishing deal with chrysalis peru out a couple of records independently for according is official debut album. Two thousand and trouble with a johnson. The producer's chair and selling it to ask ray second album. Proper tillerson tens black dropped in two thousand and six follow two years later by gossip in the grain which was again produced by ethan johns and august third consecutive album to peak at number three on the billboard charts twenty ten god willing and the creek don't rise which rape backed by the pariah dogs on the grammy for best contemporary folk album as well as being nominated for song of the year for beg steal or borrow the more upbeat supernova which dropped in two thousand fourteen produced by auerbach of the black keys top the billboard charts while twenty six blues rock and psychedelic flavored or boris produced by jim james of my morning jacket drew favourable comparisons with pink. Floyd's dark side of the moon. Ray released the self produced parts of the lights in two thousand eighteen. You can hear tracks from all of

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