1898: [Part 1] 7 Essential Elements of A Yearly Planner by Michael Mehlberg on Goal Setting Practices & Techniques


Com spent the last decade refining tweaking and tailoring a three hundred sixty degree science backed productivity system focused on improving all seven important aspects of my life. It's been so powerful for me. That i wrote a book about it have written countless articles about it is being yet another and have spent the last few years meticulously drawing out every month week and day in my paper notebook with a ruler and pen. Why it's so powerful. Is the purpose of this. Article comes down to these seven essential elements number one don't create a resolution define a mantra. The new year's resolutions in general suck mike the as seen on tv. Wrong a rotisserie. You set it in forget it unfortunately once forgotten you don't end up with a juicy chicken you end up stricken with guilt. Feeling a small sense of hopelessness for the rest of the year. You know like when you promise yourself you'll exercise two hours a day seven days a week and then skip it. After the second week of january this is exactly why the first essential element of planning your years not a new year's resolution is a yearly mantra a yearly mantra is very simply a statement of growth for your year a word or three about what will guide us through the next three hundred sixty five days last year. My mantra was connect to see her. My mantra is if not me then who thanks

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