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This is popcorn when we talk about. What's out there at the movies. There's a movie out there now. Called falling vigo mortenson. My guest is starring in it with this time in this movie falling. He also directs. It's the first time it's his feature directing debut and it's in many ways at top story but it's vigo to me. It's him saying. I'm going to take this on and see what happens. And what happens is so incredibly moving so figo. Welcome good to have you. Thanks is wonderful to see again. What i can't say. What attracted you to this because you wrote. This is something that came out of your own head and it feels very personal to me. But i don't know just help personnel. This it is personal but it's also I mean it's largely a fiction fictional family but the foundation of it is feelings. I have for my mother especially but by connection to my father as well into my childhood and adolescence so there are elements of truth. As far as i remember an memory subjected that after do with my upbringing and even with the aspect of dementia that that's dealt within the story. I've had a lot of experience with that. Both my parents stepfather grandparents. I've seen it up close in a caregiver. And it's something i wanted to explore. I wanted to explore the limits if there are any communication especially with people that you have a hard time communicating with other. I wanted to just more than anything asks questions. Rather than give answers. Ask myself questions and maybe half the audience are the people that you can't communicate with our the people. Obviously there are people that want to communicate with are there. People don't deserve to be communicated with or listen to i personally. Don't think so. But as person makes their own decision about that. It's i wanted to look fine. I wanted to explore the idea of empathy of communication and closer. We've gotten to the release of this movie. Which is february fifth. Us canada unexpectedly an away. Unfortunately this movie and the polarization the conflicts with this family that it deals with problems of communication are more timely than ever. Well i mean we come in the way i see admit point even low. Your movie is there's a great many flashbacks. And i should just say up front. That basically you're playing a gay man with a father who is suddenly hit by the ravages of dementia. It may even early onset and yet through the flashbacks in what we say we see. This man has always been difficult. He's been more than a handful. You know he's a racist in him. There's a person who can be a bowling and yet through the flashbacks to we see that he's capable of love. He's hard to take and yet we feel that we haven't seen except toward the end of the movie. What it was like when your character decides. I'm not gonna play at his wet. I'm going to try to give something. That is empathetic rather than something. That's hostile john. Is that yard. You're in sub it in your own life when you dealt with now in. My father wasn't anywhere near as difficult to deal with. We had better communication than john willis do in this story though sunan father but but my father was a man of his generation. He was not american use denmark but he was raised on a farm born during the depression went through the german occupation during world. War two ran away from home when he was fourteen You know self taught person who then eventually after he married. My mother moved the united states. He somehow got into business. School finished it in half the time by doing night courses nine. Just a determined person. Very self reliant. But like many men of that generation he was kind of even in his gentlest moments. A my way or the highway kind of guy. And that's just the way it was. And then you didn't adapt to changing times that well either the sixties the seventies is like what the hell's going on from their point of view. Why can't things just be the way they should be in. Men and women are women all that stuff and so there was a bit of that on my dad but but he was nowhere near as it was not as much of a conflict as you as i depicted in the movie. It's a fiction as i say this story. Even those became a father son story a basically the moral conscience to like the the the the fulcrum emotionally morally of the story really is is the mother for me. Is gwen by hannah. Gross the inspiration and the reason that they argue a lot. You know both father and son and also father and daughter. My sister played by laura. Linney the bone of contention. Is gwen a lot. So that was an important role and i. I guess that character resembles my mother and my relationship with that character in in the movie is more like my relationship with my mother than than the relationship with the father's like my own father. There's there's a lot of you that i see in this character in terms of how you play it and also how you directed wrote it which is nature of you know we see this man. He grew up in loved the farm. He loved it. He related to the horses to the answers like you. you know. there's something about nature where the best of him somehow is shown when he's with these animals he can't seem to rang. The embassy has them to is actual family which people in general yeah. It's just kind of tragic when it is said it is said and you know it's no accident that the first third of the movie threaded through it is this sequence that has to do with the duck the sequence of events right from seeing it shooting it bathing when it's sleeping with plucking cooking it and then finally you know eating it sharing it that way. let's that john that grows up to be your character of sleep. Was the dead duck. He lets him do that. He does some well. Yeah that whole thing. The story was away to introduce among things. What you're talking about the relationship that that family has with nature expos with life and death and all that would nature you. You all grow up for time on on a farm. I grew up in part. I bo bo cities and farms. I mean i learned to ride horses. When i was really little when i when i could walk and And my dad was someone who was raised on a farm And he introduced me and my brothers at the earliest possible age to campaign to know how to make a fire to forests and rivers and animals and fishing and hunting. And all those things. So i was very much part of my

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