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I'd like you to meet gloria reuben. Who was a trustee of the waterkeeper alliance from two thousand seven to two thousand ten and served as an advisor to former vice president. Al gore's environmental organization called the climate reality project and on other natural resources groups as well you will also likely recognize her from her appearances in television series like er and marvel's tv cloak and dagger among others as well as in movies like lincoln and a reasonable doubt. Welcome to green captions radio glorious. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for letting me join you. Joe. oh no problem. It's my pleasure my pleasure so let's start with. What condition is our water supply and today as president biden starts his first term as president. What is the water supply. He is inheriting well. I think we would all agree over these last four years the previous president did pretty much anything that he could to eviscerate our clean out air clean water regulations so it is very exciting last night to to witness our new president president. But i didn't as he signed the papers to rejoin the paris climate agreement and to roll back some of the deregulations that the former president clearly. There's a lot of work to be done but that once. We have obviously a leader in place president in place who believes in science and who listens to scientists and who believes in climate change and listens to the scientists gusta climate change and who obviously is a great advocate for the wellbeing of all americans of all peoples that is definitely a hopeful sign the destruction that happened in the last four years previous to President by being sworn in cannot be changed overnight but Reliance as very proud very excited to be on the front lines of this. Very important fight to have drinkable swimming. Fissionable waters for americans and for people around the globe. As you said. I mean it's extraordinary when you can get two point. Five million miles of waterways being protected from from our local over three hundred and fifty plus waterkeeper groups around globe. That's a huge thing. It's a lot of miles. So i'm really excited to join forces again rejoined forces again with this extra organization and in a leadership role so is the did the rollbacks that the trump administration did did they actually result in more water pollution. I mean we obviously have the flint michigan situation but that was not trump. That was the governor in michigan. Right when you talk about pollution in the waterways that goes very much to industries like fossil fuel industries of course like factory farming like businesses corporations. That are allowed to just kind of dump their way store there By rhonette of of making things of manufacturing into the waterways when there's no regulation The clearly people can just do what they want at their own. Well not have to pay any consequences you know it all comes down to first thing which is reenacting these laws again. Going back in place and then enforce laws are terrific things to have. But if they're not enforced than what's also it's important to remember that one of the things that president biden as well last night was to cancel the keystone pipeline. Which has as many of us know has been an ongoing issue for years now. And if i think about it the former president were elected. That very well may have happened. Now i've been to alberto into the athabasca river. I've seen the destruction that's happened with trying to suck out oil from sand. It's not an easy process. Takes more gallons of water from the athabasca river to make one barrel of oil and that is destruction destroy not just obviously the environment but the first nations people that have lived on that land for generations. So it's a it's a trickle down effect if you will of Polluters of Whether they be industries or or again corporations or even individuals whether or not brought to justice when when when there's no law to protect people that lived in that area then it's a free fall and You know. I was a newly appointed just over two months ago so the lot to catch up on. It's a lot of information that i'm soaking up. And we can't wait to be able to fly again safely obviously in good all corners of the world to to meet in person a lavar extraordinary water keepers are clean water warriors. I want i'm sure i'm sure. So does the waterkeeper alliance have a checklist of things that they want. The biden administration. To do i mean are there. Water infrastructure investments Besides putting back in place the clean water act. i mean. We hope that's happening soon. But maybe you're disappointed. It didn't happen right away. What kinds of investments and specifics are you looking for from president biden. Yes well. I think you know as you mentioned. Clean water act course. Everything can happen in one night. So we're confident that that will be reassigned. Only shocks right. I know but go back to the industry. Portion coal ash coal pollution cola. Hashes is definitely something that needs to be addressed in taken care of again. The factory farming issue is a huge thing. Learn in this country. North carolina again. I've been to north carolina. I've seen those ways. They call the ponds or lagoons. They tried to make these names. Sound like it's a recreational place yet now. These are ponds at are made of animal. Waste that seat into the waterway. So that's definitely something that needs to be handled in terrific water keepers in that region. An area that are that are winning lawsuits against not of these factory farms. I think that You know the overall climate issues that Is a abroad umbrella. You'll and plastics. We we all know again. You know plastics Issue jim global issue for sure so clean water act coal cocoa factory farming. These i think are are three very big tangible things that that can be addressed. Well we can he can pass. He can propose legislation that punishes. And as you say enforcement is critical these industrial polluters. It's you know taking a page out of the erin brockovich book relay right but these things also and i totally support on plastic pollution. To get me started on that one will be here for hours but a lot of these things require congressional approval and even though the democrats biden's party control both the house and the senate it's by d. Tiny itsy-bitsy margin right. So how do you. And i know that president by misspeaking bipartisanship since the very first days of his campaign and did so in his inaugural address etcetera but washington is still gridlock. So what's your outlook for whether for example getting factory farming in any kind of legislation. You know control of it. Is that realistic. Yes i think so for. Sure i mean again. These things take time an in carolina. I just wanted to north carolina. Just specifically in that region aren't bringing they aren't litigating certain cases in terms of factory farming. When it comes to the government The legislation in two to be passed in congress isn't going to be tricky but i am the only way to stay in this to even to say yes to this to stay because this is a long term long time mission is to is to keep positive and to just keep on doing. The things that we know will work again. The positive aspects are yes. We do have a house in the senate. So that's a hopeful thing at you know. We don't know what the future will hold of course but for right now we have the majority so that means that and again you know. We have leaders in place who do not deny the truce and they don't make falsities in order to remain in power. There are those who do that. But you know our president and vice president

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