The Cindy James Case


Thirty eight year old. Cindy make pace was chain. Smoking cameo cigarettes at her dining room table was uptight at twelve nineteen two and she had just received her right threatening phone call in five days. During most kohl's nothing could be heard on the other lawn reading other times. A man spoke to renew menacing whisper. Hey had made crude sexual suggestions to cindy a few days prior but she hung up in disgust before hearing him out. The most recent cole had really unnerved her. The men warned. You're dead cd. As not fell. Cindy went around. Her multilevel stuccoed home in vancouver canada. Closing the window drags ten minutes later. The phone rang. The familia low growling voice said. Don't think pulling the drapes means. Don't know you're in there. Cindy called the police and officer arrived and found. No sign of the coal looking out saw the house. Hey couldn't do anything. Except suggest cindy make a list. Of all the coles she received and to get an unlisted phone number with no known enemies the highly respected pediatric mental health nurse was at a loss as to who could be harassing her. One week lighter cindy returned. Home with friend agnes woodcock after annoyed out to find that someone had gained entry into her house. She writes next door and asked her neighbor. Who was aware of the coal. Cindy had been getting to investigate. He entered the house. Ahead of cindy and agnes to make sure that the intruder was no longer inside after a thorough search of all the rooms. The neighbor told the women that it was safe to go in. Cindy began to get ready for bed a few minutes later. Agnes hood cindy screaming. She found cindy in her bedroom solving and clutching a pillow. The pillow concealed under the covers of the bed had been slashed two paces. The cuts were sauce. And what carried out with a sharp object locker. Risa constable pat mcbride of the vancouver. Police responded to cindy's coal as nothing had been stolen from the house. Mcbride thought that someone was trying to send a cindy message. Even though cindy had changed her number the threatening kohl's continued they were mainly no talk calls seeking comfort. Cindy contacted her husband. Cindy hack head to mit psychiatrist to dr roy. Pay said vancouver general hospital in the fall of nineteen sixty five a natural beauty with long blond hair blue eyes and wide smile. Cindy would turn heads wherever she went. She quickly caught the attention of roy. Who was assisting cindy with a group project for her nursing studies. The two became inseparable in december nineteen sixty six roy who was eighteen years old lefties wife and two children and married twenty two year old cindy. The union was eventually accepted bus. Cindy's parents on a tilly hack. Roy soon became welcomed into the heck family. Life often playing cards and sharing a drink with cindy's father who was only six years. He's sania the first. Few years of marriage were an extremely happy time for the newlyweds. Cindy who will always drain of working with children was employed at the children's foundation. A job where she cared for children suffering from trauma and mental health conditions in nineteen seventy. Four cindy landed her dream job as defending directa glenham house. And you send tough. Preschool children requiring mental health support

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