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Welcome. We're not messing around this week. We're in mcgowan for it the playstation happening but before we get to the playstation actually. I wanted to wish everyone a very happy umbrella. Day as this comes out because we were talking a little bit before the show about weird holidays and february tenth day. The show airs is umbrella day. That's so dumb. You living outside of the united states. I never heard of any of these dumb holidays. Moving here everything is a day. I like umbrella. Day is the least surprising resident evil twitter anything to celebrate or are they actually added two feet to her height. The tall beautiful. It's a whole umbrella. She's holding up a big scary called it. But you know the the trick is that we get less actual holidays and vacation. Didn't sick days in pretty much. Any other established country but what we do get is millions of fabricated nonsense holidays to enjoy at work. Hey everybody it's september seventeenth is time for talk like a pirate day honestly. I'm surprised there hasn't been like playstation day that they've tried to really make happen every year but but of course the recording. Also by the way. I'm joined this week by brian. Tano mac hello and lucy. O'brien thank you for joining me. I just want to mention because brian you were talking about. How days can it'd be funny if there were days. That conflict national pizza day is also to take day which software that's assault food. So i shouldn't be too bad. We only celebrated like all like like important causes like cancer research while like fun things. I didn't like what are you do. On toothache j. What do you raising awareness of cavities. This thursday we've got. Don't cry over spilled milk day okay. So it's just a bunch of minor inconvenience days stupid calendar look at. I just wanted to holiday. Insights dot com. They're not a sponsor of the show. I just want to make that clear. Keep in mind. That friday is national cupcake day and also national stub toe days so try to do both at the same time. It's wonderful of course if you're if you're coming to podcast beyond for your weekly dose of holiday. Calendar facts congratulations. You picked a good episode to join. But of course we are gonna talk a bit about Things in the world of playstation and game. This week The the one thing. I want to start off with was we got a couple of emails since we've been talking a bit about resident evil in the past few weeks We got some emails specifically about resonable for. Obviously there are several big fans of ari for on this show and the first of two emails. I want to read because they give two sides of the coin of. Whoa what are our impact. Has been a tanner road into beyond an idea. Dot com and said beyond. I listened to the recent beyond podcast. When brian recommended ari for. I believe this was when i was asking. If you play before a village comes out it just happened to be on switch. So i bought it. I have never played any resin evil before besides the first thirty minutes of seven. npr it scared the piss out of me. So i never picked it back up and i know that scared the piss out of someone is a phrase but i really just like to imagine its literal and you saw. Sunday is national. Scare the out there. So so enjoy your vr games anyway so far in are you for. I've been struggling to get down. The controls a bit looking anywhere but straight ahead seems to be tricky anyway. Could brian or anyone else. Give me some tips before a jump too far in. Should i be saving my money for anything. Visit any secret spots any tips would be awesome. Thanks for your advice. Yes so my my big quick pointers are first of all the cameras designed to keep it so that you only are sort of looking down a quarter it is basically designed to make you feel a little bit claustrophobic. That said what you wanna practice is your quick turn which is down and be at the same time flick does and can turn around behind you a lot of like old resume. Games didn't really have that level of dynamic movement next you get a gun early on. Don't spend a lot of money when you go into the second area you'll see these blue floating medallions shoot. Ten fifteen of and the merchant will give you a better gum which i suggest riding through for the rest of the game. Put your points into that another trick if you are going to upgrade your weapons. Don't reload them before you do that. Because you basically get a free reloaded. When you upgrade your capacity outside of that little things like don't sell all of your treasures immediately play around in your sub menu to see how many of them sort of collaborate with each other. Sometimes you'll find like gold cat missing it's is you can put some gems in those holes and make a little more money. The merchandise that if i find a golden chicken egg what should i do with it. Well max you can either sell it or eat it cool. Additionally i suggest you shoot the knees with just a quick tap of the button run up and malay your opponents. He will save a lot of mo doing that. Once around the ground certain knife stashing them like crazy and pick up everything you can. That gets harder later in the game. When light creepy crawly snake starts popping out our heads. Just a heads up. Just enjoy four. And i can't keep track of all these different colored herbs what these mean. Well actually that's a really good question. I suggest that when you find a yellow on you hold onto it forever. Combine it with read one green one. Eat those all in one hot tube and your health will permanently move up a tick throughout the rest of the game. You can actually do that until you see. Leon's health move past the basic parameter. You see which is about three fourths of quarter until it fully completes a circle. You can also give those to ashley sitting to the second half of the game and you'll do pretty well by the way if you beat assignment ada which comes with the main game you unlock a suit of armor for ashley that she can wear forever and if you go professional mode after beating ada everyone in the game. We'll try to pick her up but they can't because she's too heavy so the fall on their weird asses and then you can go over a knife and kill them game. One point of clarification. I maybe this is just my misunderstanding. Or ignorance of the franchise. The herbs go into tubes. Because i always imagined they're kind of holding like a loose like you know bunch of herbs in their pocket and look just like shoveling like a lot of the marijuana culture of the last twenty years. It has become more sophisticated. I would say whereas it did start with sort of loosely rolled joints in paraphernalia that you would find in creaky. Old houses is now upgraded to. I would say a lot of those tubes that used to put in the bank to put money in when you're in your car or delivery so basically like yeah you got all those things together roll up anita otherwise it's just some loose herbs that you can. I like to think that leon's like toting around a little umbrella corps grinder on these down Oh my god just continue the for love. We got another e mail from who wrote in. Thanks brian i love ari. Four is a little bit of a memory card. But you know not. We'll start at the show with it. Hey beyond crew longtime first time with all the talk about our village and ari for remake. Got me thinking about a quick personal story. That i thought i would share with you guys First off my name is ulysses. I'm twenty six. And of love. The resident evil series since i played one on the original playstation. I played every game in the series but had never played four since i didn't have a game cube at the time since i missed out i never felt like going back. That isn't till my daughter was born. My daughter was born on june twenty-ninth a few weeks. After brian daughter was born. I had a few weeks of paternity leave and plenty of long sleepless nights ahead of me so i was looking for something new to play knowing. Brian had just had his daughter and nine how much he praised. Sorry four. I decided to give it a try on my ps four eaglets to say it is now one of my favorite games of all time and not only is fantastic game. But it's also been a bonding experience that i share with my daughter now this past december. My wife and i had our second kid. It was a boy. I figured there was no better way to spend my late nights with them by refining. Arif oregon.

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