From the pipe down into Canton.


Let's take a look at the four day WBZ actuator forecast got a storm on the way Here's Brian Thompson. Well, tonight will be rather cloudy it will become windy with rain, arriving after bid night will become heavy toward a break a little bit of wet snow comics in northwest of 4 95. I'm not expecting much in the way of accumulation of could be a slushy covering in a few spots. Temperatures in the thirties inland near 40th the coast rain some heavy tomorrow morning, we'll tape prompter in the afternoon watch for flooding of roads and poor drainage areas will remain windy with a high of 48 blustery tomorrow night with mostly cloudy sky low 34 clouds and sunshine Sunday with gusty, chilly wind and a high of 44 still brisk on Monday with some sunshine high 42 Thank you. But the meteorologist Brian Thompson, WBZ Boston's NewsRadio 37 right now in Brockton, seeing 38

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