Bears announce coach Matt Nagy, GM Ryan Pace will return after 'impressive' finish to 2020


Apparently matt nagy is going to make it to next year. The bears are gonna keep him the head coach. The general manager ryan pays. Who may have been more maligned than nagy. Decline the fifth year option trubisky. But it's still an option to bring him back in some way our jeff dickerson who covers the bears is essentially reporting. Nagy and pace will be back. Our dan orlovsky is voicing his opposition. What has matt nagy done as for his a an organizer as far as a leader as far as a person with foresight within their organization to say yes in that head coaching role. We love them. Now we're going to allocate some of the play calling responsibilities or the offensive viewpoint. Who are we going to give that to. And what has matt nagy done within. That building approve on great in this role. I understand what dan is coming from. But i think in this situation. He has a winning record. Chuck pagano is retiring as a defense coordinator so he's got to his staff and his thought process in his thinking. Maybe there's a guy or two out there that is really good at calling. Plays really good at putting a system in place to make. Whoever the quarterback is going to be in the future for them successful. So i'm okay with them taking a look see. They just went to the playoffs. So you take a look in just poo. poo it. because you've got to restart things all over again when you completely blow everything up so give it a shot in twenty twenty one see where it's at. He's going to be before you make that decision and that move now mr bisky mitch. Trubisky is jockeying for position to come back and be the chicago. Bears starting quarterback again. Now maybe there's a small deal there because they didn't pick up the fifth year option. There's a small little deal. Maybe there's a two year deal. That is a proven deal that he can now show with a new office coordinator his abilities that he showed in north carolina and made them take him as a number two pick overall.

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