A highlight from Stimulus Checks and the Dysfunctional US Government.

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Do the help they keep us on. Air is greatly appreciated. Okay let's get into it. Here's something that's been going around for awhile folks It's been irradiating. The crap out of me. I mean tearing me up this dysfunctional government that we have these deep state clowns and just these people in government stablishment clowns. That's been there. The pelosi's the mitch mcconnell's to chuck schumer's i mean i can go on and on and on these these people They just don't give a crap bernie. Sanders needs to retire now. All of a sudden he's fighting for the american people which is a joke today. I wanna talk to you about that. Included i wanna talk to you about the stimulus checks. Where the hell are they. Will you know where the hell are app. Still in congress right now at this hour there supposedly working all weekend on behalf of you and me now just to make sure that we're going to have a puny wounding little six hundred dollar check. Don't get me wrong folks. i'll take the six hundred dollar. Check the congress with their all their dysfunctions and everything. They didn't even pass a a budget to keep the government open folks and that's the scary part of all this. They didn't even keep up. They didn't even pass a budget to keep the government open. Why didn't they pass a budget to keep the government open. 'cause they've said hell it's easier to kick the can down the road longer. They don't want to deal with things they don't wanna do anything in this dysfunctionality and government at some point in time has to end. We can't keep doing this in a civilized society folks forever. You have to understand that okay. Any normal civilized society example. He had germany. You have japan. You have Over there in denmark you have a even sweden and different countries all over. Even canada wroclaw close dots. Round top of us. Okay all these countries due to the corona virus when they shut down your business they cover you either eighty or one hundred percent. This is simple as that. We can't even get a stimulus. Check out to all of our citizens of the united states. The rightfully deserve it. Okay all of the americans. We can't even get a check to all of us. Americans and in this case they're just going to throw some crumbs and give a six hundred dollars. What the hell's wrong with that. I'll tell you what the hell's wrong with that. We have a fucked up system as the hell's wrong with that and it's a fucked up system because the big banks the bankers the elite that really run this country and people will say eric don't understand you don't do this. You don't understand you shit for brains. No i do understand got it. The bankers in the elites and wall street owns the united states of america. Do you hear what i said. The bankers and the elites. Oh the united states of america. And why do they own the united states of america because we sold our soul down the river. We sold our soul to china. We've sold our soul to the biggest corporation just for the money. We've sold out the american. Be heap oh folks. We've sold out the american people. And why did they do that. Because it's all about money money and power. The they want us being enslaved to these bankers in these big corporations these elites do these elites being. The george soros these elites being bill. Gates these leaks. these leads. being Zuckerberg mark zuckerberg jack dorsey You have the clown near the amazon. Jeff bezos and i can go on and on and on and there's people that are even above that level there There's the rothschilds to build a to rockefellers.

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