Ted Danson Is the Mayor of Los Angeles in New TV Show

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Mr mayor is new. Show from rubber karla faye and features a lot of fantastic people and the featuring of a lot of fantastic people is reason to watch it. It's ted danson as the new mayor of los angeles and this is just another one where we're timing is so bad really You know if you are in los angeles you are well aware of what having a somewhat. Bumbling somewhat ineffectual mayor or even having let's just say a mayor whose track record is mixed. Let's just say that. Let's say. Garcetti did some things that the beginning of the pandemic that seemed to be good and then not so much lately. That's an it is it. I'm trying to be tempered. We've definitely had a lot of evidence of what happens in a major city if the mayor is not perfect and so i found myself really kind of unable to laugh at a show where it's like. Ha ha ha. The mayor of los angeles is job is to go to mall. Openings and celery appearances your results on that one may vary as los angelino or at least a los angelino transplant. I also kind of got the feeling that tina fey and rubber karloff. Not so much with the knowing. Anything about los angeles and twenty twenty. The jokes are all really really lazy. Really really facile jokes about california. That in some cases are are two decades old our colleague. Ingo king reviewed it for us and she notes that one of the funniest jokes involves the other candidates who run for mayor against ten danson's character and you stop and realize that the joke that's being made about the other candidates including gary coleman's ghost and a libertarian. Porn star all relate to a recall election. That was fifteen years ago. I mean that is just not finger on the pulse and so all of these things if the show were funnier. It'd be funnier but let's not forget that. Mr mayor was originally conceived as thirty rock spin off that was going to be set in new york featuring alec baldwin reprising his role and baldwin was negotiating for the better part of a year per sources and when he backed out producers went out to ted danson. Ted danson lives in los angeles and did not want to relocate to new york so they moved the show to los an- to being set in los angeles and removed any traces of of its ties to thirty rock. So there's that in the back of your mind

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