Run i was out or out campaign. It was just a couple of weeks ago and with with my lady brandon reading this thing and just deeply immersed in it and There was a letter in their from from my mom and my mom was a huge huge influence on my life. Just the wonderful laughing spirited adventurous lady who loved the world and people and discovering new things and never questioned my craziness for wanting to go into wildlife was always just there for. I had no idea how i would make a living and she probably had no idea either had no idea right but she never would say. This is crazy chris. You need to be this that or that. you'd never. She was just always there for me. So one of the things in this journal was a letter from her and it said it sounds like you having some one of because we would write letters back and forth spain for two months and she said it. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. I wish you. I wish you had a dictaphone to record your adventures. Chris because the world needs to hear them and it. It just choked me up. Because here i am with the world's biggest dictaphone rights cool to podcast and sharon these experiences and my mom saw in me before i did. You know this passion for sharing stories about this amazing place. You know that we call them. What's your story. Welcome to inspirational interviews. Where you'll discover everyday bravehearts connecting with a truth found out. What inspires them to do what they love. How gotcha and why they never give up be inspired by these stories to create your beautiful world role not researched real life stories with your host. Jim rod hi guys. Welcome back inspirational interviews as always say super excited about this conversation today because i always am today. We are going to be speaking with. Chris hogan who. He's born in great britain but he has spent gaffe the the the most half of his life in the united in the united states and he's basically dedicated his life to nature to the environment and to to storytelling. And if you were to really pinpoint what what specific area of nature that is he i call the bay man and Yeah you're going to find out his story and how he got so involved in passionate about these wild biz These grizzly bays as we all know them and Yeah he's just really done amazing work in a conserving. The biz and And also growing the bay population in areas of spain and And the united states and and just really bringing beautiful away innocent attention to these amazing animals which we all know. I mean yeah. It's funny right. But everyone has this cuddly little bay when they're when they're small and that's what these days their they're they they they're out childhood Toys that will play with and you know we take it for granted that everyone has a little bear as a child. But you know If we don't protect these animals Then they will no longer exist. And we're gonna find out. Chris hogan story and also you know really stand why it's so important to be aware of nature and how we can conserve and protect nature without Yeah without inflicting on our own human needs should we say because humans generally put themselves i And and then we meet these amazing people like chris morgan and we understand actually that we all live together. And it's not about putting ourselves i but it's about how can we be two together. How can we coexist as human beings and and and with nature and animals because we all won. We're altogether and i have so many podcasts.

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