Where Were You Born?


We hope you enjoy the talk. Good morning just had my second second. Show the pfizer vaccine. I smoke a little under the weather cold so anyway so it we go case. The t to of kills of the book of activity kilson state of mind preface to the assembly. The ocean is the realm of the dragon who sinks in emerges tranquil spoilt. Heaven is the home of the crane who flies in kohl's perfect freedom. Why does this exhausted. Fish remain in the shallows or a should sluggish bird live amongst the is there any may measure of of gain a loss to be made of this the main case attention kilson ask simone. Where were you born the moment replied you province key ocean said do you think of it. The moung said i think of it. Always kjeldsen said. Subjective thoughts is mind objective thought is the environment therein. There are such things as mountains. Rivers the great Towers buildings people and animals reflect on the mind. The things isn't something that the monks said as far as that. I don't see anything. The toll kills in said a belief. That's all right as a person. That's not all right. The among said osho priest do you have any particular instruction he osen replied to say. I have something particular on not misses the point.

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