Igniting Your Feminine Fire with Aurora Farber


And welcome to live love engage. I am grace rand and today. We're gonna be talking about abundance. we're going to be talking about femininity. And more specifically feminine fire intuition all sorts of wonderful things with my guest today on the program who is aurora farber. So first off. Welcome you to live. Love engage aurora. Thank you so much. I'm delighted to be here. Connect with you to connect with your audience and to live love and engage absolutely will. We are delighted to have you. And this woman is she is accomplished. She's got a lot going for. So let me just share a little bit with you or with yes. You are listening watching to see a little bit more about her. She is a transformational coach. Intuitive guide writer speaker sacred space ceremonial list way finder magical muse and modern day priestess and her mission is to help women get unstuck by reclaiming and igniting their feminine fire that heart light within that integrates life giving power compassionate love and intuitive wisdom and these three feminine flames are the key to creating a life of passion pleasure purpose on the journey feminine leadership which is so important all women we are leaders in our own right but sometimes i think we don't always express that enough or maybe own net Which is why aurora. Please that women are works of art and every woman is a sacred vessel capable of miraculous creation into activate that creators shockey fire. We need to come back home to ourselves to our inner fire to are feminine. Fire so Actually you know what i we were. We were talking before we started the recording That i was going to go one way. But i'm thinking let's let's deal with the feminine fire right now and what Maybe a little bit. Explain a little bit up more out about that. And why women why it is so important really for women to reclaim and ignited. Yes i'd love you. I really loved your introduction and remembering those words that came through me that women are works of art. And if you think about a work of art vessel right piece of pottery. There needs to be that fire that place of animation where we come alive and so women are not only works of art but we have the ability to create we can create life. That is our shock d fire. that is It's our superpower for thousands of years women who rose into that knowing who shared their gifts their medicine gifts their inner wisdom their in tuition their ways of working the earth and with The body those things have been cut off for many women in its pass down through the lineage and so this and fire is nothing new but it is something that we are here to reignite and for me i love you know there's as i work with thirteen divine feminine archetypes in there. Two that come to me when i feel into. What does this mean to me. Well there's that creative shocked the fire of like the wild woman of the primal goddess dancing around the fire that howling to the moon that kind of fire right that that birt's life and creativity and as passionate and full of energy and then there's another fire and it's the fire of the goddess of compassion. That's the triple flame. That lives in the heart. it's the purple fire zip for me that is composed of these three flames power love and was dumb. And that's the fire. That is my mission to bring back to this world to reignite power love and wisdom well this wisdom we've had inside of us but many of a separate gotten or it's been stripped away in told that it's not valid of that. We were crazy or that we were all lunatics right so having inner knowing This love we are capable of sharing but for many women that that aspect of self love that flaine first needs to be ignited and then power. Well certainly we live in a different age and that is one of the beautiful things about the time now. We do have more power but the models of power that we have all the masculine models and so we've kind of come into our own. Feminism with like okay. Well i've got to put on my pant suit and you know just trying to follow the model of power that we've seen and yet these typical structures of the patriarchy especially this year this year during covid see structures are crumbling and we are beginning to see how they don't serve at least they don't serve all of us they may serve some of us but not all of us and so when you add that aspect of combining power with love like how can i add to the flame of love where i can use my power to serve all of us answer the guidance

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