No charges recommended for officer who shot Ashli Babbitt during Capitol riot


Investigation into the fatal shooting of a protester during the January 6 capital riots has been completed. The capital officer has not been charged. The investigation found the shooting was quote an appropriate use of force. Remember unauthorized shot the 35 year old Air Force veteran Ashley Babbitt. She was trying to climb through a shattered window to reach the House chamber and she was gunned down. Um Listen, I'll be the bad guy here. I'm okay with that shooting. Now. I don't want anybody to die. Let's not get it twisted. But if you breach the capital where the most powerful people in the world are in there having some sort of session, you can't be shocked when something bad happens to you. There's a reason why these senators have security detail, right? It's Z the same thing, man with the police action shooting in any way, shape or form like across the country. Some of these police action shootings where People aren't complying. People aren't putting their hands up. People like kind of reach back into the car for something and the police are like, Look, I've got a gun. Don't you move and they don't comply. I don't think they deserved to die. But Give the chances increase exponentially. When you don't hate what the officer is saying, and she was unarmed, correct, Correct, But you're breaking into the nation's capital. You're breaking windows where members of the Congress could be still doing telling you man. The riots throughout this country every single night for weeks on end, police precincts burned to the ground in cities. If a police officer would have killed somebody trying to get into a precinct that was unarmed. There would be more rights and more demonstrations and more protests in that person's name would probably be on the back of professional athletes jersey If Ashley Babbitt were African American, Do you think you'd see the same thing? Because I do. Well, I think this is all e mean. You notice how the memorial for the Capitol police officers and you know the wall of thank you cards and that we support the Capitol police and thank you for doing your duty. Uh okay. That's fine. I'm glad there was support for the police officers and they were heroes there and some died. Um, but I didn't see the same outpouring. Of support for police officers that were defending cities across the nation. Some in some cases, they were hampered hands tied behind their backs, not getting the support they needed from from local administration running the show, including Indianapolis, So it's almost like certain sections of this Country as well as national media outlets. They're willing to say, OK, they got what they deserved when they think it's trump supporters. Yes, but when its members of the community or members of the Black lives matter movement, then it's a completely different ball game. It's a double standard. It's there. You're absolutely right. I wish you would have died. I wish you would have broken through that wall. I know the officers on the other side had no clue it was coming through, and they warned him. And I again I don't think she deserved to die. She was unarmed, but man, the chances of something very bad happening. Increase. I don't know what the percentage is a lot of the what the scientific number would be. But I would say something bad, including dying. If you don't comply with the police officer, you I mean, it's up in the air at that point, man, it's It's a coin flip whether you're coming out of there alive or not, If you don't comply.

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