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Everybody welcome to the show. My name is todd cochran. of course. I'm joined by my co host. Mr rob greenlee rob how you doing. I'm doing great todd. Great spent a busy day today. Lots of lots of calls and doing some live recordings and stuff like that too. So it's been fun. yeah i I actually talked to my team about the The meeting situation and Yeah this week. I think i'm i just did the math. I think. Even though it's wednesday. I think twenty five hours in meetings and it's not just the midst you know client calls and everything and i'm like there's only twenty four hours in a work day and we're taking two hours here so you know come on. It was just talking about this on the s show that i was on There'd be great if we could clone ourselves. God well you know. Here's here's what it's going to boil down to at some point. I'm i'm cycle so it will have to be a pa or something like that. I'm going to have to hire somebody at some point. It's going to have to be an experience. Podcast or i would think you know. That's that's the hard part is you know. I want someone in the office. So i don't want you know if it's just off the same to do it virtual out. You're saying i not not going to be as effective especially you know 'cause you think about the role of a true p. a. You know i could spend as much time hand in stuff off and letting them do scheduling scheduling it myself so they almost have to have access to your master email. So what what. What if folks do your calendar to the what what. Calendars easy part. Silva's of you that you know our big shots and have a pa already. How do you. How do you handle this load off to them effectively. You know 'cause i don't 'cause myself more work will it might be more work at the beginning kind of get them oriented and get them up to speed but over the long run it. Might you know give you time. Yeah and that's the key is getting time back you know and there's just not a it's like you know if i had all the money lipson had i would probably hire three or four or five positions immediately right. You know because you guys you guys got a lot of money you just hire people and take care of the stuff that you need to get taken care of. So at least i would think that's what you guys would do Well i think we're or shareholder Conscious put avella. You guys are making a pile of cash. You guys can afford three four five more employees okay saw. You guys is earning report. If i had that kind of money coming in and we would be we'd be have a much bigger staff while you're also looking at more than one company to some degree so well but still. I don't have that problem right but it's true it's you know it's like you offloaded. Pc offload social media the off lurid logging you. Have you have your support team. You have sales guys who who sales everybody. Yeah now yeah. I think more more podcasters are thinking that way too. I think that there's there's more demand for people looking for consultants to help with editing or marketing or social media and stuff like that with their podcasts as they get more successful so you know we've you know we've got the production thing handled you know. We hand that after production team. And then there's the you know so you know i don't mind here's where the here i shouldn't say this because you're really gonna sound patty When someone's interested in a product or service and you think that they're going to be an enterprise customer you plan for that discussion and sometimes in. This probably happens once a week. He get on the phone with them. You're talking to me that they're not enterprise they just need a twelve dollar hosting account. They the thought that the Right and and i don't necessarily try to talk people into spending a higher mount with us than they need to. I feel that would be a disservice but And then so. I have to kind of look. I try to qualify as much as i can. Any any calls him any do and and then other team members do as well. But it's you know. I'm many so boo boo hoo But you know it's it's it's part of the podcasting space right now and we're an independent company. We don't have stockholders. We built a company from the ground. And we don't have v c cash and and then you guys have a different situation you've got stockholders yap to keep happy and revenue numbers but as long as you're profitable. I think you're you're pretty good shape. So it's a you know. But i understand why these companies that get venture funding and get up. You know three four five ten million. You know ramp up on the people that they can hire because you know they're under the clock during a thirty six minute timeline. Thirty six month timeline. To figure things out and grow big enough to either get another round or be shut down in. I think we've seen some of that this week. Come true with usca Who now twenty. Nine dollars ver. Thank you very much per month and they figured out just like of us that hey running a business expensive not you know in in you know wease brick and mortar. We've got a we got office. We've got of course it's empty. We've got an office. We've got salaries. We've got benefits benefits benefits retirement plan. You know all that stuff in you know i. I look at the bill for the just the medical alone each month it makes takes my breath away right. You know so. This is just an indication of what in often times we've been saying for many years here. I think we went through a phase when there was just a polyphony of of free hosting platforms. And they were saying you know you're getting ripped off by paying you're paying for podcasting right. You know what comes around. you know. There's basic business principles that exists here and free models typically spike your customer base up higher. But there's usually a a price you pay for in the long run and one of them is what wish going through right now is that. I think that there's going to be a lot of shows either. Upgrading or moving. Moving the johnny. Or we're already getting inquiries all ready right. Yeah so it's been all week. We wish jewish jewish life so if wisha had built their platform on a more of a i mean more of a paid model. They probably wouldn't be going through this right now so you know they try to model and they figured out you know what it you know. And like i said all it takes is a single joe. Rogan like show bolger model out below his your model out when he when you get that hosting bill in its eighty five thousand dollars for one month for one true. Then you're like

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