Chelsea cruise to victory over woeful Spurs to pile pressure on Mourinho



Plenty to get to. But only one place to start spurs chelsea in the premier league and it's chelsea away from home getting a one. Nothing win the only goal in the match from the penalty spot jorgihno converts as chelsea picks up three big points that moves them up to six table. Four points. out of the top four spurs still stuck in a joining us for more. You're getting klinsmann and don hutchison. You're gonna start with you. Every time we evaluate spurs of late. I feel like the first question. Is we're spurs bad or was their opponent good. How do you break it down today. will you know me. I try to keep everything positive. When it's about spurs but a have be on today it's really difficult especially i forty five minutes to first. Half chelsea completely outplayed spurs. They got the lead with the penalty cake from georgina. Well-deserved served lead Spurs never created anything. The first forty five minutes. I mean their front line with the san benito's of burg line was pretty much not on the field and then they got a little bit more even in the second half I think chelsea should have been a little bit more. Clinical more decisive that could have scored a second or third one. That didn't do that. And that broad the spurs the last couple of minutes of the game back in the game and and they almost got venecia's there are almost had The win after the equalising header. Then it would have been one one and everybody would have asked well. It's not so bad. But i think it was a clearly well-deserved chelsea win Obviously that takes spurs now far away from the top spot via remain citizens. I think it's now fourteen points or something which makes a lot of spurs fans really happy today but Compliments to chelsea

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