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It's winter. It is winter again. And here that clip from Groundhog Day. Right. Well, this Groundhog Day, again. So if he sees a shout out, tell me, what's the thing? If he sees a shadow, then we have what 6 more weeks of winter. Who knows what we've had so far? 70 and 20. In the same day. Right. So we're currently in a winter moment. Right. We'll go back to spring. Good spring next week. I think we're in the 70s. Friday, Friday is going to be pretty decent right now over the weekend. So that's nice. That's good. Because it's my birthday. Well, it is winter today. Today? No, but next week. Oh, okay, okay. I wanted to go ahead and mention it. Right, so we don't forget. So you don't forget. This made my birthday. Didn't you just? No, mine's September. Always, thank you. Now, I'm an Aquarius. That explains a lot, actually. Well, here we go. Yeah. So yeah, this weekend I took advantage of the couple of days of spring that we had and went out and got some stuff in washed the deck. It was like I decided this year, I'm not going to get the pressure washer anywhere near the deck. Nice. Just going to use. We've trained him well. He's learned. So when instead of past few years, I've used house wash. I decided to go a different route this year just to try because I hear people talking about on the show all the time. So I just got the was outdoor bleach construction bleach. This is what I got. Just the regular stuff. I'm so disappointed to say it on her face. Just talked about Pam knew that he was going to say the rest of your program. You were going to do Kung fu. Well, see, there's something that you said that I couldn't do the chromium. I thought about the every time I went to go poorer, my bleach. And the reason why is that, you know, I do so many of my DIY home projects to see the end result. You just wanted to gratification. You just a typical man who wants instant gratification. I think I'm correct on this. Does not the bleach increase the likelihood that it's coming down that is coming back soon. I'm now changed the PH balance when we're talking about it in the Woods. So you're going to have to use that bleach so much is going to break that wood down in your deck is going to fall. Now, okay. Let me go ahead and say. Because you didn't use my solution. This one. Somebody please call. So we can get on another subject. Is that I wanted to use the bleach because you said that would make me wait like 30 minutes. Serious. That's exactly what I was talking about. Oh, my dude, bleach. One in four bleach, one quarter bleach, sure. And put that on there and boom white. And it goes, it goes away in about 6 weeks. It's going to be back. And it's going to be worse. And then you get to do it again. Right. So anyway. Over. But it looks like brand new brush teeth out there. I mean, it's gorgeous. It's really, really good. Yeah. Right now. The Pam's all mad at me for cleaning my damn trying to get up with my resentment. It'll be good for Jason today. Do you know how literally had a text message from a listener yesterday asking me

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