Danielle D'Souza Gill Talks Prince Harry's New Book 'Spare'


I'm back with Daniel d'souza gill author of the choice, the abortion divide in America, host of the show counterculture with Danielle d'souza gill. We're talking about the royal family and Harry prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It seems like the focus on these two characters has come mainly because of the Netflix special, which was a kind of revealing, although maybe not revealing in the way they intended interview series of interviews with Harry and Meghan Markle. And also Harry's new book spare, can you first of all, am I right in assuming that the title spare is an implication that Harry is referring to the fact that sort of his brother is the first in line. He's the real deal. He's the legitimate heir and Harry is kind of the spare? I mean, Harry makes some pretty wild accusations in his books fair, which is the only reason that it's apparently the number one selling book in the Guinness World Records beating Obama to sell the most number of copies in the first date was released. And it's not because he decided to share some childhood memories of playing in some kind of field in England. It's because he wanted to really spill a lot of tea on the British family. So some of the main accusations he made were. William and him got into a physical fight, William, you know, through I grabbed him by the collar, threw him on the ground, and he cut his back on a dog bowl. Just Charles, like when he was young, said, oh, Diana, thanks for giving me a spare. Harry's my spare. He makes claims about Camilla, you know, kind of being able stepmother. He makes claims about Kate Middleton, mostly regarding her fights with Meghan, basically how Meghan was the good one and Kate was kind of the dumb one or something. And so he's very into kind of doing these personal jabs at each person, which is why so many people have been intrigued by the book. I have been buying the book because they want to see what's in it.

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