Is America in Terminal Decline?


I saw a very short video that someone posted of the airport in Singapore. He has a little video, and he says, I'm just in awe of Singapore's airport. And you see this magnificent airport with a giant waterfall in the center of it. And it reminded me of airports I've seen over the years recent years like the airport in Seoul, South Korea, another spectacular airport. Which by the way has beautiful facilities, top notch restaurants, you can have salons all in the airport itself. And it occurred to me, wow. Americans probably don't know this, but foreign airports today are much better than American airports. You look at places like JFK, which looks like some rundown, second, almost third world airport. And the Bombay airport, which used to be a third world airport. You'd actually have to walk on dirt to get to the gate is now a spectacular polished floors beautiful airport. Now, I'm not really here to talk about airports. I'm raising a bigger question, which is America in terminal decline. Now, I remember that when Reagan gave speeches, he frequently would say, and it's typical optimistic fashion. Our best days are still ahead. Even when Reagan wrote his very touching letter about having Alzheimer's, it ends with I'm convinced that America's best days are ahead. But I think for Reagan, this was not a prediction so much as it was kind of a hope that America would hold on to the things that made America special and made America great. Civilizations don't last forever.

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