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AP sports I'm Bruce Morton The World Series stands at one one after the Astros defeated the Phillies 5 to two Houston jumped on loser Zach Wheeler for three first inning runs more than enough for from Vera Valdez who went a strong 6 and one third innings to get the victory As far as stroh's manager dusty baker says from valdes it's just more of the same This guy has been as consistent as any picture that I've ever had throughout the course of the year and he just continued to do the same thing during the playoffs Game three is Monday in Philadelphia College football second ranked Ohio State came on strong down the stretch to thump number 13 Penn State 44 31 The Lions went up in the fourth quarter 21 16 but buckeyes defensive end JT to imola said that's when OSU went to work We never broke you know we always stay strong We always we always just love the challenge you know And you know after they scored there was no break We were just telling each other like hey it's stuff we gotta fix Top ranks Georgia led from start to finish topping Florida 42 to 20 in the third quarter the Gators tried to come back from a 28 to three halftime deficit but UGA coach Kirby smart said his guys were equal to the task The time there where we lost momentum and that's happened to us more this year than it did last year And we bounced back So I was really proud of the players AP top ten upset victims were number 9 Oklahoma state which was squished 48 nothing by 22nd ranked Kansas state and number ten wake forest which lost at Louisville 48 21 Top ten winners were Tennessee Michigan TCU Oregon and USC Pro basketball the bucks improved to 5 and by outlasting Atlanta one 23 one 15 and Sacramento won for the first time in 5 tries this season by defeating Miami one 19 one 13 Hockey in a battle of two teams off to hot starts the hurricanes went overtime to defeat the flyers four three Bruce Morton AP sports

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