Rep. Brad Wenstrup and Trish Unpack Biden's Obscene Budget Proposal


Want to get your thoughts on this rather ridiculous and obscene proposal that we saw from President Biden. I think it helps us understand where the left is really coming from. Yeah. Yeah. No, I mean, you're talking about his budget. Budget proposal. Yeah, fortunately, it's not law. It's a budget. It's even our budget. If when we produce it, sets our priorities. And I can tell you that our priorities are for us to become more fiscally responsible. We would like to not increase taxes. We would prefer to make it to the best you can to come to America. But you know, they have all these things in there for climate and they actually want to cut funding to the Department of Homeland Security. When we have this porous border that we were just basically talking about when we talk about the drug, the drug problem, their budget includes basically millions of dollars to help Planned Parenthood for abortion, you know, all these things as culture of death that they seem to be so in favor of, you know, that's really, you know, where they are. Well, I think they need to start praying and send the Pledge of Allegiance a little more. There's something to be said for patriotism for being proud of your country from being proud of all that we have accomplished as a nation. I'll tell you, you know what? The world would be a very different place if it was not for America. And people should never, ever, ever forget that. We have done so much to help so many countries. And if it weren't for us, and the risks that we were willing to take on, I guess for one thing, we'd probably all be speaking German. But

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