Ilhan Omar Getting Booted From the Foreign Affairs Committee


It looks like today Ilhan Omar is going to be kicked off the House foreign affairs committee and this also means that Ilhan Omar will no longer be the top Democrat on the subcommittee on Africa. This is something that she has taken great pride in. And so this is a kind of a blow to Ilhan Omar and she's been fighting hard against it now for a several days it looked like this might not happen. In other words, it looked like Kevin McCarthy had the votes to boot swalwell to boot Adam Schiff, but not to boot Ilhan Omar for a couple of reasons. One is that there is one Republican who thought that Elon Omar was doing a pretty good job on the committee. There was another Ken buck who's been on this podcast and Ken buck, I think, was taking the principled view that, hey, listen, just because the Democrats threw Republicans off their committees doesn't mean that we, the Republicans should throw the Democrats off their committees, Ken buck, I think, was joining the, let's call it we're better than they are school of politics. We should sort of show them by example that this is the right way to do things. And then Nancy mace, she's the one I think who was opposed to removing Ilhan Omar. But Kevin McCarthy basically did what good leaders do, which is he started pulling these people into a back room and having a little bit of a talk with them. And out of the three, he convinced two to swap their vote. So Ken buck now and a Victoria spartz have agreed to vote to remove Ilhan Omar, they insisted upon a provision that she gets a chance to quote appeal her removal, which is kind of a worthless thing to do because that appeal is not going to very likely succeed. And so Ilhan Omar is going to be out of there.

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