Super Bowl 2019: Pregame coverage before Patriots vs. Rams


The game, of course, is a big part of it. But also there are other sort of story lines beyond the the Rams and the patriots in a couple of them. There are interesting to me is I want to start Myron with with with gronk. He's kind of had a resurgence a little bit here in the playoffs starting to see a little bit of the gronk of bold wrestlemainia is the first Sunday in April. I'm of the belief that I'm going to see grog make his debut in the WWE it wrestlemainia and then his time in football. Is over. After today. Do you agree with that? And do you think that whatever happened today win or lose could have any effect either way? Well, I think that makes a lot of sense excuse me, especially because you're talking about a guy who can probably get millions of dollars on a pretty limited. Wrestling scheduled Cadillac around. Arousing Brock Leser, like it's not like the old days where he's going to have to wrestle three hundred days out of the year. This guy's going to get paid to show up on special events and make millions. He's talked so much about how much money he saved throughout his career. He's talked about not wanting to play too long. I don't know if today affects anything because he's a first ballot hall of Famer whether he wins or loses today, he's got a bunch of money in the Bank. And I think he could be the next rock in. In. I think he could be that. He's got a personality. You're not a wrestling guy. He's not the rock rock. Am wrestling. He could be that. Well, rock started out as what rocky my via. He was fighting from the family name. And then he emerged as his own way. I can't broadcast that personality in the WWE. We'll promote him. I think he could become a superstar who eventually goes in the movies and forgets football. All right. I I'm not going to argue with the wrestling part of it. But because you're wrong. But Dan, do you think this is it for I? Yeah, I do. But I do believe that tonight's result swings that okay? I can see if they lose tonight especially in close ballgame Brady convincing gronk for another year. Come back for another year. Don't forget is AO win the first round tackled. It's not part of this team. He'll be back. Like, we give me one more run. Gronk I can see that happening. Now, if they win I do believe that he calls it a career as he rightfully shit. Don't take don't. Remember, the comments he made this last week of him talking about the wear and tear, and how much it weighs on you. Mentally, and how hard it is to get hurt and have to practice, and how difficult it that difficult of a thing that is now to say that he's the next rock is absolutely outrageous. Like the row how first of all the rock is the rock was a guy that went into wrestling because that was the the the means to an end that was the vehicle. News and his family had been. He was going to you second of all the rock is incredibly business savvy and Hollywood savvy works like a dog like this is a guy. When it comes to football. Yes. When it comes to training for football. Yes. But he doesn't. I mean, the rock literally works like a dog. I need more talking about the rotten. Now. I saw the rock when he was in survivor series as rocky my via no one knew he wasn't good. And he was trying to figure out who he would be gronk could come in in the social media air, which rocketed the rock didn't come in in the social media era. All I'm saying is gronk could be a superstar in wrestling. Well, let me add gronk is only he's only twenty nine it feels like he's been around forever damnit. He's only twenty nine now he's taking a lot of hits bodies like a forty year old guy. But I guess what I'm saying is listen to countdown to kickoff on ESPN radio you've been through this process and Myron, and I haven't the process to decide you know, what that's it. Right. That's a hard process for every athlete. No matter the level, whether you're elite or not is it in part of it. I think is do I have something to go. Do do you think? I mean, we we talk about wrestling and a lot of people may roll their eyes. But it is something I know he can do if he wants whether it can be great or not he can do it is that talked to me about the process of saying I'm walking away. And and how how how players go through that mindset. Yeah. I mean for for me, you know, it was a great majority of it was I don't love the crap anymore. Doesn't it feel like he doesn't either? Yeah. I mean, that's that's no you're not gonna pay. Now granted if someone was going to pay me five million dollars. I would have dealt with it again, if someone's gonna pay gronk ten or twelve million dollars, maybe, but you get you deal with the crap. Like, so many people doing their job you do with that crap. Because you still love it. You love all the things that competition the locker room, the fellas the drive to be great the work, you love all that. And then once you don't love the dealing with the crap anymore that stuff doesn't matter anymore. It's not worth it anymore. And that's when you start facing the question of do I wanna do this anymore? And it makes it completely now. When I went through my transition, I wasn't for sure. Like, I was like all right. I want to get into analysts in broadcasting get into TV TV. And I was like I'm just gonna go rather than sitter sitting around. And wait. So I knew that there was at least the opportunity there for me. Gronk scan have way more. More than I had presented to him. But if you get to that point where you're done loving, the crap that you have to deal with and there are avenues for you to go. It makes it such an easier decision in move for you to go. You know what I'm done? Here's the next Chad having those options, I do think is is huge. You will have a lot of options. And you didn't know when you quit you're going to get to do a show with Matt Jones in my. But then sometimes I have earlier if I did exactly the Lord's blessing. There you are. So let's talk about the next to the players on the field. Maybe the person that has the most sort of its state today. Myron is your guy Tony Romo? I mean. I'm not sure an announcer has gotten this level of praise maybe ever like universal praise of people going Stephen Smith said is the best performance he'd ever seen from an announcer. And so the thing is that's awesome. Except you've got one more game. And I always of the opinion the most important two days in your life or the first in the last at a job. Well, the last impression he's gonna get from us is this game. Is there pressure on him to recreate the magic from two weeks ago? I think there's a ton of pressure on him to do that. And I think the problem is announcers like him who get this early praise. How many of them go down as being folks? And a lot of people don't like, you know, it's unfortunate because you start out liking guys like Tony Romo. He deserves all of this praise, but because you expect now people expect him to be some profit every game the minute. He shows any sort of flora weakness people are gonna jump onto that and start to criticize him. But I think he's facing more pressure than any announcer at a Super Bowl or any analysts had a Super Bowl that I can remember because people think he's like something we haven't seen before. And now he's going to have to deal with that pressure. Incomes care like most of the time. I'll be honest with you, Dan. I don't even know who the announcers are until I realized what network game is on. But with Romo I mean, there are prop bets on how many he's gonna call. Like, this is he is not the biggest story the game is. But you know, he's the second third or fourth. Biggest story. I think a big part of it too is like people are having a ton of fun listening to him. Torino because not only is he very good at what he does in. I've said this as a broadcaster networks you better have quarterbacks on there. Because you you've gotta be able to get people to understand the game different levels that communicated to all kinds of people. But it's the fact of he continuously telling educating people on the wise in house put it's fun. Like, you're having fun. Like John Madden was the last announcer. Who seemed like he was having as much fun as Romo, and it's it's okay. For him to talk over Jim Nance for a second. Because if you were sitting at a bar with your friends are in the living room having a beer with your friends. You talk over your buddy here in this moment. So it's not like this. You know in cookie cutter ish. Oh, we don't do that. Because it's television. But what happens if I'm saying is really good. Then I'm gonna do it. You know? And I think that there is that appreciation for for from people going like this is really good. And he's telling me stuff, that's really. Good. But also like the fact that there's really nobody else on TV sounding like him in ways. Like that like talking over Jim Nance, Jayme lake. It just seems like he's having a blast doing it. There are very few announcers who make the crossover into a personality that they matter Madden did mired. I'd say Barkley has vital. Did like there are many. And I think romo's headed groups, Dan Orlovsky will continue to be on. Would you agree with that? Yes. I think he is definitely in that group of guys where you go. You're now going to watch games because romo's attached to it doesn't matter the game because he's gonna make any game more interesting. Just because of who he is become he's become a part of the game now, and that's a good thing. Because like damn fed people. Like, I think I honestly think there are very few announcers that them just being there matters. I think John Madden. Did I think dick Vitale did Bill Walton? I think dick Vitale did. And I think I think Tony Romo is is sort of becoming like that who's going to win the game. After all this talk who actually is going to

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